Two Peruvian NYU students killed in shooting in Puerto Rico

Two Peruvian NYU students killed in shooting in Puerto Rico
Two Peruvian students from New York University were killed in a shooting early Saturday morning. Video: Latin

of Peruvian students from New York University (NYU), San Juan (Puerto Rico) were murdered in the early hours of Saturday outside the Emo-Y Bar and Lounge nightclub, celebrating a birthday with other colleagues.

The victims were identified Franco Medina Angulo29 years old, and Sergio Palomino Ruiz, 28; Both Leonard N. of New York University. Alumni at the Stern School of Business. They were with their classmates when the shooting happened.

Police Puerto Rico The Peruvians were not involved in the conflict in which they died because it was a conflict between other businesses.

“There are six boys, all of them tourists. These young people came to Puerto Rico yesterday to celebrate their birthday. They chose the place to celebrate the birthday of one of them, and there is a situation where they are already out of work. They arrange (request) for Uber, and in that situation, A woman who has been transferred from the profession for some reason shoots. That’s why they are shooting from some other places too and at that intersection (they were injured by bullets). It is understood that these two dead boys were innocent and did not know what was going on there,” San Juan Metropolitan Police Commissioner Jose Juan Garcia commented to the newspaper. New day.

Franco Medina Angulo was one of the victims of the shooting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (LinkedIn)

The average murders occurred at 3:53 a.m. Saturday. One of them suffered a bullet wound and died hours later, while the other died at the scene of the crime.

A woman, who was at the scene, fled in a vehicle, but later crashed her car into a guardrail on the road. He is being interrogated to find out whether he is involved in criminal activities.

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For their part, comrades Medina angle Y Palomino Ruiz (One from Greece, one from Colombia and one from El Salvador) told the police that they had no problem at the disco, so they understood the situation was with others. The young people were staying at an Airbnb in the Miramar area and decided to spend in San Juan because it was more economical. They are going to stay only till Monday 8th May.

Inspector Ricardo Haddock, coordinator of the police’s criminal investigation unit, said. First hour They were not attacked.

Security cameras will determine how the street scenes in Puerto Rico’s capital began. Several bullet casings were found at the crime scene, although the exact number has not been determined.

Two Peruvian students were murdered in Puerto Rico. (first hour)

The Emo-Y Bar and Lounge nightclub, where the two Peruvians were before they were killed, was fined $2,000 because it did not have a license to operate as a bar.

Municipality said New day The establishment intervened on several occasions, but it continued to open to present itself as a hub for nightlife.

Officers of Puerto Rico They confirmed that the business executives should appear in court for the murders.

Police are interviewing several witnesses to identify the woman who fired the shots and find out who was responsible for the murder. Medina angle Y Palomino Ruiz.

John Beckman, spokesman New York University (NYU, its acronym in English), mourned the death of two Peruvian students.

“The NYU community is heartbroken and shocked by the death of two MBA students in Puerto Rico. It is our knowledge that the two students were nearby in an altercation between two unrelated groups. The students traveled to Puerto Rico as part of a small group of classmates on a short vacation from their studies,” he told El Vocero de Puerto. said to Rico.

Peruvian Students Massacred in Puerto Rico Leonard N. of New York University. Studied at Stern School of Business. (NYU)

“NYU mourns today with the family, loved ones and friends of these students whose lives ended tragically, suddenly and far too soon,” he added.

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Beckman indicated that the university contacted other students who were present at the time of the shooting to “give them support and assistance.”

“NYU has contacted their families as well Students were killed Condolences of the university community should be extended to them as well as all assistance. Additionally, our counseling service will be a resource for students in the MBA program, the Stern School community, and in particular, classmates and close friends of the murdered students”, he added.

The Peruvian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “expressed its condolences over the unfortunate deaths of two Peruvian citizens who were victims of acts of violence in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico”.

Through the Consulate of Peru in Miami and the Honorary Consulate in Puerto Rico, “contacts are being maintained with the youth’s relatives while coordinating with Puerto Rican authorities,” to investigate the investigations. case.”


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