Two prototypes of Amazon’s Khyber satellite network take off

For Starlink, an Internet company owned by Elon Musk, Competing to deliver the Internet with satellites orbiting the Earth will be Amazon’s Khyber project, owned by Jeff Bezos.

In fact, two prototypes of Amazon’s internet satellite suite took off on Friday in a company rocket from Florida (USA). Aerospace United Launch Alliance (ULA).

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A ULA Atlas V 501 rocket successfully launched from a platform on the station. Cape Canaveral Space Force, FloridaThe two prototypes are at their peak and heading towards what is called Low Earth Orbit (LEO, in English).

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No problem at launch. After approximately 3.5 minutes, the rocket passed through Earth’s atmosphere and reached space, where it shut down its engines after the first stage of the rocket and It separated from the second stage called Centaur and three meters in diameter.

The two satellites, known as KuperSat-1 and KuperSat-2, which traveled in an envelope about 5 meters in diameter, were prototypes of the final design of the constellation of more than 3,200 satellites that make up Amazon’s Kuper program. It will provide broadband internet across the world.

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Launched satellites, once placed in orbit, are 500 kilometers apart surface of the earth and at an inclination of 30 degreesThe satellite will not be part of the network for a long time, and will be launched for more than six years from the second half of 2024.

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For the development of the Kuiper project, this Worth an initial investment of 10,000 million dollarsAmazon has hired three space companies that will handle 92 launches over the next five years.

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A total of 47 institutions will be run by ULA: Nine of them are deployed with the Atlas V and 38 with the Vulcan Centaur, new rockets the company plans to launch later this year.

Two other companies are responsible for the rest of the releasesTogether with the European consortium Arianespace, it is responsible for 18 exports, and the blue originThe latter is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and is responsible for the rest.

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Amazon’s plan to build a network of satellites to bring Internet to Earth was founded by SpaceX. Elon Musk is the CEO of electric car maker Tesla.

To this end, Amazon recently invested 120 million to build a satellite processing facility on leased land at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Another is 16,000 square feet in Kirkland, Washington state.


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