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Currently, the educational system is in the process of meeting with various Peruvian institutions, promoting close alliances that contribute to its proposal and the objective of integration in the country. But what is the strategy behind it?

Alfredo Zamudio, CEO of Tudor & Gray Capital, Banking Company Investment The person accompanying the university at this point pointed out that the strategy is mainly based on raising capital. “Soft Landing”. It is undertaken when a company wants to expand its services or products abroad. To do so, several legal, operational, financial and administrative steps are taken.

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“In these ways, we are doing coordination, introductory webinars and meetings so that local companies are familiar with the presence (with the Universidad de los Andes). “We have set an agenda that includes visits and interviews with some potential partners” He described.

He emphasized that there is an approach that is mainly objective Department of CommerceInitially, the Colombian Institute aims to train corporate workers based on the specific needs of each organization.

In the second phase, the institute plans to establish an alliance with a Peruvian university to teach courses “at home” For students of postgraduate programs of the Study House.

“We will start with a short course Master's degree, the idea is to enter through that. Teach short courses leading to a diploma within a training programme. Post graduate. This is a bonus that this affiliating university gives to its students so that they can get another additional certificate. He described.

Zamudio highlighted that the strategy varies depending on where it is aimed. “For the chosen university, the idea is to offer complementary courses MBA And, through them, to establish a reference. On the other hand, if we go to a large institution, we are no longer talking about the same system, but we will look for places where we can enter education to meet specific needs. said.

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For his part, Andrés Arias, Coordinator of Management Programs at the University of Los Andes, He pointed out that Peru is not the first country they have entered, but they already have a presence in other markets such as El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama and Guatemala, the latter being the most important.

“The strategy we used to enter Peru is something we have already done in Guatemala, which has been our main customer in the region for many years” He said.

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offer in the commercial market

Arias hinted that they will begin business training in mid-2024 and that the initial relationship will lead them to achieve more. Companies.

“We have a huge portfolio (of courses) and that's what we can work with on our base. systems. We do personalized work, which means that the construction of the educational program is carried out jointly. We go to an organization and ask what they need, what problems they need to solve, what the purpose of the training is. Based on these variables, we structure the content, but share it with the organization. They can change or add things”He explained.

He said the final plan is being adjusted to the satisfaction of both parties. This is essential, because in this way, the result will be more efficient, Andrés Arias is considered.

Regarding the method of the course, the expert pointed out that it depends on the needs of the company.

“If they need an in-person visit, we bring in teachers Forms Here; If they want to mix it up, we structure the courses in a hybrid way; And if they have to be completely virtual, that can be done.” Indian.

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On the other hand, Arias said Education Service The Universidad de los Andes is aimed at all types of institutions that request it and for this purpose, they have a wide range of specializations.

“Management education does not occur only in a particular field. We have cross-cutting programs that serve any sector of the economy. All organizations need training in change management, finance, negotiation, strategic management, etc. Contributing to various levels of organizations”, stood out.

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Department of Education

Alfredo Zamudio said they had a meeting with a potential partner Department of Education, has all the infrastructure, commercial structure, communications and trade to create a local representation of the Universidad de los Andes. The research house is expected to teach in-house and complementary courses towards a major program (such as an MBA or Master's degree).

“Regardless of the institutions we target, the strategy is to have a local partner (university). We come from a meeting with a potential partner that has all the academic infrastructure, legal personality, representation. sound and experience in the field, all you need to get started” said.

Webinars, conferences, visits, etc. have already been held to promote the value proposition, though the alliance is not yet sealed, he said.

Regarding the name of the targeted Peruvian educational institution, Zamudio commented that the name could not be released yet. “We are in a round of dialogue and it is expected that these courses will be taught by the end of the first half of the year” He clarified.

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Finally, the administrator noted that he did not rule out the possibility of later entering the public education sector.

“In the last conversations Potential partners, are slated to enter state-promoted courses as they are already participating in the delivery of these courses. “That's how we have a chance to enter the public sector later.” He noted.


  • The Financial Times 2023 ranking has classified the Faculty of Management of the Universidad de los Andes among the 40 best business and management institutions in the world.
  • Additionally, it is the only Colombian university to enter this list.
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