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After rehearsing the basics of Fabian Bustos' football idea in three friendlies (against Universidad Cesar Vallejo, Atlético Nacional and Coquimbo Unidos), Sports University It entered the final stretch of its previous season and the team is finalizing details for its debut in the 2024 Apertura tournament. Liga 1 Carlos A. In front of Mannucci. This Thursday, January 25, work continued on the Campo Mar facilities with some new features Testify It can be appreciated Diego Torregare Trained differently.

The forward does not suffer from any injuries, so he only did rehabilitation work to avoid physical overload. If there are no problems between now and Sunday, he will be the starting '9' for the 'Creams' against the 'Tricolor', with Edison Flores in attack at the Mancich Stadium. Let's recall that Alex Valera is unavailable as he received a four-day suspension from the Disciplinary Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation (CD-FPF) for insulting referee Edwin Ortoniz in April last year.

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On the other hand, one of the biggest demanders Andy Polo, Who will go from the start to the right wing. The 29-year-old footballer is physically 'flying' and is one of Fabian Bustos' favorite weapons, something we can already see against the Kingdom of Coquimbo: when he is open in the right field, the midfielders have to mark him to run. And let him win back to your turn marker; If he succeeds with his pace, he can send a deadly cross into the area, as seen in Edison Flores' goal against Coquimbo.

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Likewise, although Bustos prefers to take a bit of Christopher Gonzales He was among those who responded satisfactorily to the recent training sessions. Not just his goals, he shows his character as he looks fresh with the ball at his feet. During this time, in practice matches he was used as an input on the left in a 3-5-2, which varied according to context and 'Kanjita' could play as a hook behind the two forwards.

So, except Diego Romero who is with the Peruvian U-23 national team in pre-Olympics and Alex Valera It has been suspended, and Universitario will have its full squad for its official debut in the 2024 season. Fabián Bustos knows that the demand will be high as they must win both in the centenary of the 'merengue' company. – Time Championship. Likewise, the Copa Libertadores will be another challenge for them to aim for when the group stage begins.

Andy Polo did tactical work on Campo Mare this Thursday. (Video: Wilmer Robles/Debor)

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What's next for the Universitario?

After a 1-1 draw against Coquimbo Unidos for 'Noche Crema', University Will be active again next week Carlos A. Mannucci For the first day of Ligue 1's 2024 Apertura match. The match will be played on Sunday, January 28 from 5:00pm at the Mancée Stadium and will be broadcast exclusively on GOLPERU, available on channels 14 and 714. From Moviestar.

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Following that, the 'U's will have their first official home match of the season, which is their turn Atletico Grau For start date 2. The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 3 from 8:00pm at the Memorial Stadium and will be broadcast by GOLPERU. The two clubs last met at the Bernal Municipal Stadium on Matchday 11 of the Clausura 2023 with a 2-2 scoreline.

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