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The hands of the clock are ticking forward, indicating that there is less and less time until 'Noch Crema 2024'. Sports University The Cremes will present to the community a team that will defend its colors in its centenary year, having gone to the Betsson Ligue 1 championship twice and will have an obligation to do a good job in the Copa Libertadores. Regarding this detail, in the last few hours the president of Coquimbo Unidos confirmed that the Chilean team will compete against the merengue company on the 20th of this month.

“Ten days ago we received a formal invitation to which we formally responded that we are ready to participate in Cream Night. We went to Lima on the 19th, we played on the 20th, and we returned to Chile on the 21st.said the highest representative of the Chilean team in a conversation with RPP

Jorge Contador knows history Sports UniversitySo he does not hesitate to puff his chest when confirming that the team he leads is taken into account for a special date for meringues celebrating their centenary this year.

“We are very proud to represent our country in this special event for the Universitario de Deportes, as it is a known team in Chile and South America, and it is an honor for us to participate in Noche Crema”, The captain was added to the team from the south of the continent that will participate in the next edition of the Copa Sudamericana.

It should be noted thatcream night' More than 50,000 fans are expected to throng the stands this January 20 from 8pm at the Monumental Stadium to welcome the two-time national championship-seeking team and take part in the group stage. Libertadores Cup.

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'Cream Night' is a total party

Yes right Sports University Focusing on pre-season work, he has not neglected a single detail of what will be Noach Crema 2024, one of the most special editions since it is its centenary year. Accordingly, this Friday, the 'Merengue' team announced the line-up of artistes for the much-anticipated concert, which is set to take place at the South Esplanade of the monumental U Marathon Stadium. Additionally, he noted that tickets are already on sale.

Come Saturday, January 20, the much awaited event of 'Creams' fans will take place. After the team's official presentation ahead of the 2024 season, the crowd will be treated to a spectacular concert featuring special guests. Diego Torres Y Raul Romero. There will also be the famous Cumbia Orchestra Yaiben brothers.

For the concert, the Universitario is selling tickets for the departments General Y VP. The first price is 70 soles (56 soles for members) and the second price is 100 soles (80 soles for members). As per the rules, the sale is only online and a maximum of five tickets can be purchased per customer.

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