Upper Manhattan School District 6 is hosting a technology and robotics expo

NY The superintendent of School District No. 6 in Upper Manhattan, Dominican Manuel Ramirez (Manny), announced the celebration of the second fair. Technology and robotics.

This phenomenon, created by Ramirez, is due to his insistence on using technology as a powerful weapon for instruction.

“As part of our initiative to promote STEM methods and project-based learning, our elementary and middle school students are still learning how to assemble and program LEGO robots,” said Ramirez, whose district has 40 public schools with 13,500 students of different ethnicities. .

“They work in groups to complete ‘tasks’ based on themes, such as planning city constructions,” he said.

Programming these robots requires the use of mathematics to figure out angles, movements, how to push, lift and flip tiles in the game plane. The theme provides an introduction to the various components of applied science in their current lives and social issues affecting our society, he noted.

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“This year’s assignments are more aligned with the science curriculum; students will explore elements like solar energy and hydroelectricity, and we’re including both elements in the exhibit.

He explained that students are going to develop projects based on innovative ideas to improve energy use in their communities, and while the exhibition will demonstrate and celebrate the robotics teams’ participation, they will also include a round of simulation for competitions. Teams as first Lego League (FLL) officials.

Ramirez points out that historically technology opportunities have required additional funding for expensive gadgets and software, and there are many stereotypes of those capable of advancing in STEM fields.

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“In our district, we know that every student deserves a quality education, preparing them not only for future jobs, but to use the world around them with interest and detail at any age. The most relevant resources. Appropriate to develop their understanding of concepts,” said Ramirez.

Event attendees will have opportunities to try out STEM activities, as there will be activities with 3D printers, circuits and more.

The event is free and will take place on June 3rd, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, at “The Armory”, located at 216 Fort Washington Avenue between 168th and 169th Streets in Upper Manhattan.

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