USA vs Chivas live, CONCACAF Champions Cup 2024 match result minute by minute

It's time for the second chapter National Mexican Soccer Classic In 2024, when America will receive Sivas In court Aztec Stadium Thus define the team that advances to the quarter finals Concacaf Champions Cup 2024In this 'Aquilas' has an advantage.

The 'Azulgremas' team entered the field with a score of 3-0 Akron Stadium Last Wednesday, The tie seems settled Not just because of the number of goals, but because of the difference in quality between the two teams and the level of maturity as a pro-student scheme. Andre Jardine.

For their part, those who led Fernando Cago They have suffered a series of tough setbacks even before finishing against the USA, as in their last six games, they are winless. PumasIn a slump that involves a painful balancing act against Mazatlan FC, And a shower of goals distributed in defeats in hands Nexaxa, Blue CrossEagles and Leon.

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Carlos Mayorca

Hope for a comeback?

Although statistics point to the nature of the father 'Asulgremas' When it comes to round-trip qualifiers, the latter sets the precedent 'Sacred Flock' A little hope to believe in the possibility of scoring three or more goals Aztec StadiumProved in the semi-finals of the tournament 2023 ends.

In that case, headed Veljko Baunovic, Sivas Defeated 3-1 America After losing 1-0 in the second leg of the tie Akron Stadium. Since then, the two teams have changed very little, but there are new names in the Copa basket Andre Jardine Most influential of all, it has allowed them to consolidate themselves into a great team.

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Francisco Fernandez

AVELANEDA, ARGENTINA - OCTOBER 23: Coach Fernando Cago of Racing Club gives instructions to his players during the match between Racing Club and River Plate as part of the Liga Professional 2022 at the President Peron Stadium on October 23, 2022 in Avellaneda, Argentina.  (Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Despite the above, the Brazilian coach will do his best to avoid any negative surprises against him. Fernando Cago After the suspension, the other party will be forced to propose a way Eduardo Torres In the previous fight, this would mean the presence of multiple players from the start.

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