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Ironically, sick Venezuela Juliana Valdespino He says his patients, instead of being cured, get sicker. And laugh out loud. “They put their hands on their chests and pretend to have a heart attack when they see me. And they appreciate me but I am very professional“, explain.

Graduated in Nursing from Yaracuy University Institute specializing in Geriatrics. But it is also a Sexy dancer, model and host Weekend.

Tough product Venezuela crisis Like more than a million of his compatriots, he decided to immigrate to Peru two years ago. She is the mother of three children, and for this reason, since she first set foot in this country, she has been able to earn her bread.

Venezuela in Peru: Nurse Monday through Friday and stripper on weekends

When I arrived, I started selling alfajores. Fortunately I have always done well in business. I bought pants during the pandemic Kamarra and resold them. Given to all of Lima. But I always wanted to do my business here”, says Yuliana.

An opportunity to work in a nursing home will come soon. He took care of the elderly. I took care of them, fed them and cleaned them. “Already my grandparents looked at me with amusement. They complimented me but they were grandparents, so I looked at them softly“, he reveals.

Venezuelan Yuliana Valdespino is a nurse Monday through Friday and a dancer on the weekends. (Photo: Alan Ramirez)

His Venezuelan genetics are very generous, as it has given him a body to die for. “I wear my nurse shorts and they always fit me tight. I think that’s what draws the eyes of my little patients. I’m a little hip and a jealous terrier ha, ha, ha”.

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But just as she found respectable people who admired her elegance, she had to look after spoiled patients who insulted her. Like the doctors, they wanted to take advantage of their position and get over it.

Iuliana Valdespino is a core nurse specializing in geriatrics. (Photo: Alan Ramirez)

I am very professional. I can be happy and fun, but when it comes to my work, I am responsible and serious.”, says the Venezuelan nurse.

From Monday to Friday, he treats elderly patients. Sometimes, she fills in for other nurses in private clinics. But on weekends, he swaps his white uniform for tiny underwear.

On weekends, Iuliana Valdespino is dedicated to modeling and hosting clothing brands. Apart from that, she performs ‘exotic dance’ in tiny clothes in various nightclubs in the capital. But make it clear that he does nothing but dance.

HAGO STRIP-TIES, red hot dances, but no more. Many people get confused and think that I am devoting myself to the oldest trade in the world. But no. My work is art, on stage I change, I am someone else. I am not a serious nurse. I am an attractive nurse”, he assures.

Iuliana Valdespino is also an underwear model. (Photo: Personal Archive)

With her head held high, Yuliana says she was able to buy a house and a car in Venezuela with the profits from her operations. In addition, he also sent his eldest son United States.

I think those are my biggest achievements. I strive, sacrifice and give my all for them. I suffered in my country, we were very poor, but I don’t want my three children to go through that”, he says in a broken voice.

The beautiful Venezuelan has three children. (Photo: Alan Ramirez)

Yuliana’s life is full of nuances. She shares two of her greatest passions: nursing and skilled dancing. “Because all jobs are honest. And critics are only prejudiced”, he points out. And she shares her day-to-day life on her social networks Instagram TikTok:, donde s viral.

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