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If you see her walking through the scraps of the Kamarra shopping emporium, don’t doubt it’s her. You may be afraid that you are confusing her, but don’t worry, it is. Andrea LunaA woman of many professions frequents those streets lined with businesses and the city loves to visit.

She is a model, actress, communicator (she just graduated) and now an urban music singer with the song ‘Hasta Q Amanesar’. This is the story of an artist who does not stop with the obstacles of lifeHe overcomes slippages in the name of love and continues to look forward.

Andrea, you’ve had a hard time in love, do you want to fall in love?

don’t know


I don’t have time.

But Cupid did not announce his arrival.

Show up and go. It is also true.

Figurative Question: How is your heart?


Andrea Luna, actress: “I have many dreams, I consider myself a gypsy” (Photo: Giuseppe Falla)


I am alive and talking to you.

What conditions does a hero have to present?

Smart and hardworking.

Sounds like a candidate’s answer to Miss Peru.

Surrounding yourself with such people is important.

Who are you really in diversity?

Honest girl.

So, if you saw your ‘pinky’ boyfriend with someone else, would you tell him?

If she’s really my friend, yes.

Can infidelity be forgiven?

No, but I don’t judge who does it.

A maniac?

Check my waist every morning to see if I’ve gained weight.

What if you gain weight?

I go to a nutritionist and start a diet.

Why this fear?

I eat a lot of sweets.

A favorite?

Lemon pie. You order one, I eat it all, ha ha.

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I pull the skin off my fingernails.

Do you snore while you sleep?

I don’t think so.


Yes, but without being cheesy or saccharine.


Stocks are overvalued. Invite him to dinner, pick him up from work.

Will the cheater change?


Are they good actors?


Andrea Luna is busy developing her career as an actress, but she’s not closing the door on romance. (Photo: Instagram)

You have a clothing line, where are your suppliers?

I work with Kamarra fabrics.

Are you going to buy them yourself?

Yes, I go early and get the rolls.

So now you should call yourself an entrepreneur.

I have my shop with my designs and brand for 10 years. A production company and representation company with my father.

What do I mean?

I create employment.

What situations make you angry?

Watching the kids work late into the night and when they sleep to go to school the next day.

Anything else?

The same, but with older people. It seems that we have been a country that does not care about human rights.

Can you make a living from the companies you mention on your social networks?

When there are paying brands, yes.

Want a free meal at any restaurant in exchange for posting a video?

I want to cancel when I go out with my family.

Do they knock on your door every day?

Yes, but it cannot be met with everyone.

Are you a walker?

Travel and walk through the city.

where are you going?

On Apanke Avenue to see how people behave. It helps build a character.

What type?

If you ask me the name of a famous girl, I already know some slang.

Tell me something you learned…

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You are ‘Sucker’.

I mean?

Awesome awesome.

One more thing.

Be the elegant ‘Charlie’.

A Sasbot?

And I dance reggaeton.

You’re back into music.

Milena Federici He called me and I understood that the song was a fusion of cumbia with reggaeton.

Are you enjoying it?

I was having a fight at home, and when I saw the theme, I thought it was over, and I said let’s go with everything.

What is it called?

‘Until dawn.’ That’s why I invite you to follow us.

So keep it up, let the successes continue, thank you.

You better know what I’m like, if you like it I’ll be very happy, if not don’t worry, nothing will happen. All opinions are valued.

She left with a smile, the same one she had with her throughout almost the entire interview. She moves forward, right from what she thinks. French writer Jean Rostand defined that way of facing life: ‘I have no facts, only beliefs.’

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