Viral from TikTok: “We wish you the best”: Email received by a young US woman after rejecting a job offer | Videos | Viral

A young woman from the US has gone viral after sharing a surprise email she received from a company hours before she turned down a job offer.

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Stephanie, who goes by ‘@essenceofstephanie’ on TikTok, posted a clip revealing the message she received from HR saying she had accepted another job.

“Well, this is actually great. It’s an email from a company saying I’m not going to accept their job offer because I’ve got a better job.”He started by saying girl.

In the video, Stephanie reads the email, in which the recruiter lists, “discussed and agreed upon over the phone,” a list of rather compelling observations.

At first, they explained that she was “very, very sad” that she would not be joining the company. Later, they said she was “delighted” to have a better opportunity. Third, they asked him to “stay in touch” and let him know “if things don’t go as expected.”

Finally, they pulled a funny joke, asking Stephanie to send a “clone” to play the part she turned down. They then wished him “all the best”.

A viral email from a young woman who turned down a job offer

“This is the best”, added an American whose TikTok video surpassed 600,000 views. It generated all kinds of comments among users.

“It will make me reconsider very quickly”; “There’s a company’s green flag”; “I love you and sending you great vibes for your recruitment”; “That email made me think about my decision,” people wrote.

Keys to getting the best job

By an interesting article , Riglo asserts that young people are looking for “well-paying jobs that allow enough free time for recreation and family.” However, the important thing is to “look beyond the salary.”

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Know exactly what you want

In this sense, you should ask yourself questions such as whether you are willing to change part of your social life in exchange for more money. “Many students Choose a high-paying career that often involves high-stress environments and long working hoursIt has a very significant step and will be very difficult to climb”. Explain.

Opportunities to grow

On the other hand, countless jobs offer few options for promotion within the organization. “When considering a job, It’s important to keep your career in the long lens viewRicklow notes that he advises on defining your professional aspirations and how long it will take to achieve them.

Employment situation

That is also important Get to know the work environment first hand It is where you want to apply. Even if your boss always says positive things in interviews, you should resort to rating portals or Ask for references For former workers. If you are clear about these details, you can only make a decision.

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