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However, the wait and investment turned into an instant nightmare. Upon arrival at Jorge Chavez Airport, users were interrupted by staff National Surveillance of Customs and Excise Administration (SUNAT) and equipment, retained for lack of approval certificate. Sunat announced on Thursday the 5th that 136 iPhone 15s were seized.

This is – for example – what happened to Alessandra Battilana’s new cell phone. He was able to buy an iPhone 15 the day before it went on sale in the US, and then one of his relatives brought it to Lima. “He had a cell phone in his jacket outside the box. As permission was not obtained, the scanner was handed over to him and kept“, Batilana said Trade. Likewise, he criticized the hostility of Sunat staff who did not provide information about possible solutions.

Likewise, the interviewee – who had yet to receive the device – revealed that he communicated through it Facebook Help her to get it back. As he mentioned, they demanded $500 to carry out the necessary procedures. Without identifying whether it was fraud or illegal activity, Pantam did not agree. Like her, many others are concerned and criticize that the documents needed to authenticate them are not accessible to natural persons.

Why are these cell phones interfering and which models are authorized?

In 2006, it passed a Supreme Decree responsible for specific regulations for the integrity of telecommunication equipment and devices. Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). In 2019, an amendment to this regulation was approved. Likewise, a search engine is included that allows you to find out all the devices approved by the company. The approval certificate guarantees that the devices comply with technical standards such as connection to operators’ networks, adequate coverage of mobile phone service and Internet access, as well as receiving notifications in case of blockage in emergencies and burglaries.

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In There are four approval certificates for using cell phones iPhone 15In Models A3094, A3090, A3102 and A3106. However, these examples are not designed for the US market, nor are they installed for regions in China and other Asian countries. Importantly, the intervention models are consistent with other models designed specifically for the North American country and Puerto Rico. In total, there are 16 models offered by Apple, corresponding to four versions of the iPhone 15 (see table below).. Sunat has acquired models A2846, A2847, A2848, A2849 and A3108, mainly destined for the US, Puerto Rico, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Who is responsible for approval?

Any person, natural or legal, may request authorization of mobile terminal equipment for personal use, as specified in the Regulation. In other cases, this is a right that can be exercised by marketing companies and national manufacturers of these equipments. The fourth supplementary provision of the Standard establishes that “If the device and/or equipment is brought into the country by a natural person for personal use, it is their responsibility to obtain a certificate of approval.”.

Likewise, the regulations establish a procedural period for processing an approval request of 30 business days. If there are observations, the applicant has 10 business days to correct them appropriately. Otherwise – or at the discretion of the authority – the request may be declared inadmissible.

It is to be noted that Sunat confiscated 29 of these undeclared cell phones, exceeding the limit of ownership of up to two devices per passenger. One of the seizures corresponded to a passenger carrying the latest iPhone seven, the company said. Other instances of cell phones being brought without a case or camouflaged in other authorized equipment, as well as the entry of empty packages carried by different passengers, have also been reported..

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What happens if I don’t comply with the terms?

Although the above provision does not establish specific restrictions, they have been notified in the Telecommunications Act. In its Article 88, the installation, operation, distribution and sale of equipment without an approval certificate are mentioned as tantamount to serious infringements.

The bars for these cases are from 51 Taxable Units (UIT) Up to 150 ITU. In this 2023 calculation, the fines range from 252,450 soles to 742,500 soles. For its part, Sunat has the power to seize prohibited or restricted goods. If this is the case, the intervened user may benefit – within 30 business days – from payment of the customs tax debt, the respective surcharge and a penalty equal to 50% of the customs value of their goods.

However, in relation TradeSunat mentioned “To the extent the equipment is not authorized, equipment protected by a security certificate may be detained (not subject to fines or storage) by the user until it reaches its destination.”. For its part, the MTC did not respond to an interview request made in this manner.

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