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Former soccer player and Alianza Lima, Valdir Sanz is a historic record holderAfter the entertainment show “Ambe” is back in the eye of the storm Magali MedinaThere he was caught with a woman who was not his wife.

According to the images of the program ‘Maghali is determined’, Waldir Sáenz is seen during the day with his wife and daughter, in Cercado de Lima, but at night he is seen in Callao with a friend, with whom he enters a restaurant. Subsequently, a white car was parked at the spot and a mysterious woman dressed in black came out and entered the premises.

Then, two minutes after she leaves, Voltaire arrives in his truck to a street in San Miguel, where the mysterious woman is waiting for him. The former footballer was in his vehicle with the driver’s side door open when the woman was very close to him. He was even seen entering the vehicle three times and remained there till early Saturday morning.

On Sunday night, the former player was seen arriving at a building in the San Miguel district and getting into the same white car as the woman he was with early Saturday morning. Next, they enter the building together where Voltir’s mysterious companion lives.

He left the venue around noon on Monday, took photos with the occasional passer-by, and headed home in his truck.

A few years ago, during his golden years at Alianza Lima, Voltaire Sanz was linked with many dancers and vaudevilles.

Who is the supported woman with Voltaire?

But who is a ‘friend’? Voltaire sans. According to “Magali La Firma” report, her name is Miluska Yasila 38 years old and avid fan Sports UniversityBecause this is how he presents himself on his social networks with ‘U’ caps and polo shirts.

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The former footballer will live in the building where he spent Sunday night until Monday afternoon, October 23.

“Valdir always said on my show that everything about him and his ‘loves’ was false, but the pictures are there,” said entertainment journalist Magali Medina.

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