“We are committed to efficient and safe technology”, JP Lesina

“Security in general Museums “In particular, it's usually a topic of a certain secrecy and anonymity,” he says. Joseph Peria Lesina, director of security Foundation of the Picasso Museum of BarcelonaIn this interview Safety notes It provides guidelines for how they manage day-to-day security, as well as “affects and conditions work in a heritage and arts institution like ours.”

What are the basic pillars of the conservation strategy of the Picasso Museum, Barcelona? How is the security area structured?
– On the way to establishing reasonable security in the area where we operate, we have two basic pillars from which we build, update and renew. Defense politics.The two passages I refer to are the protection of the people and the protection of our property (works of art and our cultural heritage)

Security in general, especially in museums, is an issue that is handled with a certain secrecy and anonymity, which is why I want to give some guidelines on how we treat it in our everyday environment and how it affects and conditions work. In a company, tradition and art like ours.

To understand the concept of security today, we are going to divide it into three categories or categories Body protectionLogical IT security and safety in PAU contingency plan.

Physical security includes highly visible security such as surveillance equipment, security systems, etc. Entry controlpenetration, The hiddenCommunication or firefighting systems.

The team monitoring It is a series of specially trained professionals to perform the functions required by a museum like ours; Contrary to what people think, a security guard is a professional who is always on the front line of conflict, who not only observes and acts in critical situations but also carries out excellent standard preventive work, reviewable and auditable by his superiors. By museum staff and the general public as well.

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More responsibility, knowledge and common sense is required from the safety and monitoring team.

In our case the employees who make up the monitoring team are a versatile group, in which more than one skill is asked of them, some of them are very sensitive and on which the correct operation and, in the end, value and recognition may be external doors to the company; One misstep or wrongdoing can cloud and alter our company's image in a media-driven and impatient world with little or no disparate news.

Neurology is central to and the reliance of most security guards Control CenterManaged by a minimum of two qualified safety operators, experienced safety guards, theoretical and practical training and a good number of flight hours in the field.

A CECOR or Coordination Center is where incidents, operations, security procedures and decisions of greater or lesser extent are centralized, analyzed and resolved, some of which, if not resolved in a short period of time, may trigger real problems for the organization. Yes, always with invaluable support Security systemsToday there is innovative technology, essential for good security, without which the surveillance team is lost and completely disoriented.

Technology, the basic element

IT logical security: The world we live in is not like what we lived in a few years ago, everything is moving very fast Technology What we have today will become obsolete in a few months, we are obliged to constantly renew ourselves and deal with crises, crises understood as inevitable changes; Otherwise, security risks increase and there comes a time when we cease to be a security department and become a security hole, no matter how much we want it to be.

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Behind all the activities carried out on a daily basis, to ensure that they continue to be equally effective and correct, we have a dedicated technical support team in our field and 24-hour vigilance, the essential requirements for peace of mind and our confidence. Information resources and the technology is unlikely to fail or the risk of incident is low and acceptable. Computer security systems, our tools, must always be functional, updated, reliable, fast and secure.

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