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As crude as it may seem, the statistics are compelling: Universitario has only collected one point out of a possible six in the last two games and went down while unbeaten in the Clausura, having the first chance to win this tournament and thoroughly enjoying it. His bloated support. That is, when he had to show integrity and defend tooth and nail what he had achieved on the field, he was under pressure to feel inferior more than others. He has the determination and his good football to move forward in difficult matches. ‘U’ cannot be the owner of its fate.

For example, against ADT in Dorma, he played poorly and couldn’t find a way to repeat what he could do against Melgar in Arequipa a few days ago. He missed Edison Flores in the build-up of the game and Piero Quispe, who was somewhat lost and disconnected from Alex Valera, was insufficient. Creams tried to play, bear risk and resolve with their variations; But it became clear that the performance of many players was not up to the demands. Fossati, the brain behind it all, has maintained his system, which is already beginning to be questioned, because the rivals know how ‘U’ plays and what his virtues are. They have researched and studied it.

Although two goals were disallowed to the Creams in that match, due to a refereeing error or interpretation problem, the criticism was not directed at themselves, but at the side and their own lack of responsibility. It was the club’s executive, Jean Ferrari, who first cried foul and complained to the FPF so that Joel Alarcon would no longer lead them; But he didn’t reconsider the fact that all the teams have suffered controversial defeats to date, and no one is making a fuss about it. Should arbitral tribunals be reformed? Of course, be self-critical and look for solutions from within. Did ‘U’ lose at Torma because Alarcon didn’t check Valera’s goal or because he played badly?

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On the other hand, against Deportivo Carcilaz├│, the situation was different as Universitario deserved to win but it didn’t work out. Poor definitions, little invention and psychological management against the pressure of the moment played against Fossati’s team. ‘U’ mentally surrendered and from there he could not beat it. Alto Corso’s eviction and Flores’ illogical reaction confirm that all is not well. Aet’s team was the most shutout team of the year, and that’s saying something. Added to this situation was what happened against ADT: underperforming players and a team that looked worn out from a football standpoint.

Universitario seems to try to justify his mistakes from other people’s point of view, sometimes it’s better to correct yourself. It requires a cool head, composure, and calmness to think. There is still time in the Clausura and there are games to be played, one of which will be against Crystal. If this group shows one thing, it’s their ability to grow in the face of adversity. Come back and resolve with grit and passion. Fossati has players in a good position and he needs to match the performance for a better team performance. ‘U’ depends on surpassing oneself and defeating others.

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