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Genesis Tapia and her husband Kick Marquez They almost got divorced because of a man Bad thoughts of this person can endanger his life. WeddingThey knew that this evil helped save their family because they had already experienced a severe crisis.

Genesis, Kike, why did you really declare your separation?

K: My wife believed in infidelity, but since I had nothing to fear, my conscience was clear. Eventually the truth came out.

G: The person behind all this is a man. A message came on Kai’s cell phone saying ‘Hello, my love’. There was no dialogue, but I played him to find out how far he went with this supposed girl.

Is it your ex-partner and the father of your daughter who tried to destroy your marriage by convincing you of Kike’s infidelity?

G: I don’t want to confirm it because I have a 10-year-old daughter, but this person’s night is coming. He is full of hate and hatred, but God is so wonderful, and when you are with the Almighty, the work of the devil always works for good.

Because you said so?

G: Because my relationship with Kik has already cooled after 7 years. My marriage is no longer the same. That passion and flame is gone.


In other words, Kike’s betrayal would only be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

G: Yeah, we were in a bit of a crisis, we were both good parents and he was a wonderful person, but we prioritized being parents and forgot about ourselves. I didn’t see that Kike I loved anymore, I got bored and so did he.

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Does your relationship feel different after the crisis?

G: Yes. Kikke started having behaviors that I loved and vice versa. I appreciate it and come back with more understanding. The trouble they wanted to cause us brought back all the love I felt for him, so I thank this person who wanted to hurt us. If it didn’t happen, my marriage would stop because it was too cold.

Q: The daily routine led us to fall into that (crisis) and there came a time when I got bored and so did she.

Have they come to any agreement?

G: We apologized for disrespecting ourselves, forgetting to give each other gestures, and now we make promises to each other and keep them.

Q: We made a schedule, one weekend we went out with the kids and the other we went alone.

‘I love you’.

You saved your marriage, but why do you think there are so many divisions today?

G: Because ‘I love you’ is an emotion, but real ‘I love you’ is a decision. One decides to love till your last days. There are always problems and they never go away, but you decide to love and respect them.

Do you think Romina Cachoi and Jean Paul Santa Maria’s recent breakup is what happened to you?

G: I heard that they are going to get treatment, but I advise them to seek God. They have such a beautiful family, they were able to heal the hearts of two very damaged children, so I hope God will allow them to save that marriage.

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There was no infidelity in the case of Romina and Jean Paul, but there were other known cases. Will you forgive betrayal?

G: No. Infidelity, physical or psychological violence is something that cannot be condoned or condoned.

Q: No, I know what my wife is worth, and I wouldn’t think of putting my family in danger, and I wouldn’t do it for the world.

By the way, Christian Dominguez admitted to being unfaithful in the past because he didn’t know how to say no to ‘temptations’. What do you think of his answer?

G: This seems like a very immature expression to me because he doesn’t have the ability to say no or disrespect a mature woman.

Men and women always have temptations. Have you ever fallen into any temptation?

G: What’s happening is, Kike, beyond my husband, is my friend. I like very old and wise men. In my field (legal work) there are judges, lawyers and academics who speak very intellectually and admire me. That’s where I get all the invitations. If I tell you who I am, you will die, but the good thing is that they are respectful, they don’t ask you, and they understand what a yes or no means.

How do you respond when you receive these invitations?

G: I am clear. I study not because I have an order to contact a magistrate, but because I know where I’m going to be in a few years. Beyond the ever-present temptations, I’m a beautiful girl…I’m clear about that, and my family wouldn’t change that for anything.

Q: This world is full of trials. One is flesh and blood. The flesh is weak, but when something catches my eye, I automatically think of my wife.

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GK, do you mean ‘territory’ with Genesis?

Q: I read your messages and I started looking, I see the invitations they send you, but it is normal because my wife is a beautiful woman. I don’t ‘patch’ them, but when I see that asking her out is too serious…I block them. I fear nothing because I know my wife knows that family is not a game and marriage is.

G: I don’t block when they text my husband, but if I see his profile picture is not his face but his butt, I block them. I don’t get jealous and I don’t call him when he goes out or ask for his whereabouts.

In fact, in the crisis they faced, did they neglect their close relationship?

G: A lot… and I’m very flirtatious. I love the theme of sensuality, but I’ve lost motivation. We had a wonderful time before we went to nice hotels, but we stopped doing that.

However, they’ve already gotten over the relationship crisis, and I imagine they’ve already resumed their personal pride.

G: Yes, I dug out my underwear because it was already under lock and key. They saw the light again. I know what he likes and he likes me. What matters now is that we are more in love than we already are.

Q: I know she likes trips and hotel stays, so I’m looking to surprise her. I am always proactive.

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