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This is the appearance of conductor and television personality Yaco Eskenazi. Photo: Composite LR/Twitter/MSN

Yaco Eskenazi has achieved great success as a person America Television, Chanel has been his home all these years. Apart from driving and acting, she has also starred in covers for her wedding to Natalie Verdis. Currently, he is working “My mother cooks better than you” Y “You are in everything”. He was born in Callo And in the shows he was in, he left his mark, but what about his looks? Continue reading.

What is Yaco Eskenazi’s ancestry?

His family was of Jewish origin and he had many friends in the colony, so he married in fashion. Natalie Verdis In 2015. however, there If he is in 2021, Natalie He wanted to get married in a religious wedding and he would be willing to do so.

However, known Television anchor He proposed to his partner in one version of the show “You Are Everything” In 2022, despite their religious differences.

How old is Yaco Eskenazi?

The TV host and former “It’s War” personality was born on December 14, 1979 and is 43 years old. He has a 17-year career in art and television, which he previously devoted himself to Football.

Does Yaco Eskenazi have children?

The famous artist has two children as a result of his relationship with the model Natalie Verdis.

What TV shows catapulted Yaco Eskenazi to stardom?

While few remember its debut on the small screen, it was as a guest star “this is the life” In 2006. Years later, he would participate “It’s War” Between 2012 and 2015. He became very famous in that show.

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As his first show conductor It was “Against Schools” In 2014 and beyond “It’s Teenage War”, In 2015, with Nicola Porcella. In 2016, he continued to drive for the doomed project “You know, you don’t know” In 2017 he will be the host of the show “My mother cooks better than you”, with Ethel Bozo, It was very popular till these days.

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