‘Which is real?’ In Premiere: Adolfo Aguilar competes with ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’.

‘Which is real?’: Adolfo Aguilar launched the project in the same style as Gisela Valcarcel. | America Television.

‘Which is real?’ is a new project American televisionProduced by GV Productions Gisela Valcarceland led by Adolfo Aguilar. This Saturday, July 15, the first episode aired.

During the first broadcast, Adolfo Aguilar, former host of ‘Yo Soy’, followed the style of Gisela Valcárcel to animate. He followed the gesture by touching the floor of “La Senito” before the start of “El Gran Show,” a show that will run until 2022.

He also asked for a remake of Juan Luis Guerrera’s ‘Los Avispas’. Gisela Valcarcel Always entered the television set.

“I’m very nervous, but very happy, I’m excited, happy and very grateful for this amazing set, for all the people who work, for the screaming Miguel, how heavy, they make me more nervous,” he commented. Adolfo Aguilar In an interview for the show ‘Estás En Todas’.

The TV show that replaced ‘El Gran Show’ invites people to explain a profession or talent. Only one of them did not act and three Personalities The Peruvian show business has to find out who is accumulating the points.

Adolfo Aguilar reveals how he felt when Gisela Valcarcel announced she was going to give up driving. instagram

The three celebrities who appeared on the first show were Johanna San Miguel, Sheila Rojas and Veronica Linares.

He Skill The show started with a cumbia singer, so the guests did their best to confuse the famous. Sheila Rojas was the only one who got it right and scored 50 points.

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Former member of ‘WarThe actor who played a bill collector also got the rights.

Then she and Veronica Linares They guessed who the real circus artist was. They scored 150 points each.

Veronica Linares, Sheila Rojas and Johanna San Miguel are the first guests of ¿Cuál es el verdad?

At another time, Veronica and Johanna San Miguel They get 200 points each by guessing who is the real football freestyler.

The next challenge is contained Guess what Who is Naima’s real grandmother? After getting it right, he scores 500 points.

Everyone guessed who could pull it off Van Their teeth and earned 1000 points.

Finally alone Sheila Y Veronica After a performance by pole dancers they answered correctly and scored 2000 points.

Linares leads with 3850 points. followed him Sheila 3,300 and Johanna San Miguel with 1,200.

Veronica Linares He won the first stage of this competition. The journalist changed his Tribune to be selected to win a cash prize. To do this, the host of “America Noticias” picked three random numbers representing different people.

Veronica Linares won the first program. Which is real?

New ‘fake militants’ took their place Competitors They chose their favorite stars and they were going to take on one last challenge, which involved assembling the Apple Tower.

The winner of this challenge gave his chosen one a chance to win 2,000 feet. As recalled, Veronica Linares, Johanna San Miguel and Sheila Rojas were the first participants in this new American television format.

Johanna San Miguel put together an apple tower and earned the contestant 2,000 soles. | America Television.

Likewise, the Competitors They had only 60 seconds to complete this challenge and prove their mettle. Finally, the presenter of “Esto es Guerra” beat her companions and gave one of the Red Tribune a chance to win.

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