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From Friday until early this Sunday, Mexico was hit by A Geomagnetic storm. Thanks to this, they observed for three days Aurora Borealis. Despite the special view of the event in the north of the country, it is even better seen from space, which is why we are sharing it with you here.

This event was predicted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office (NOAA, its abbreviation in English) then a Geomagnetic storm It has the potential to severely damage energy and electricity supplies in various parts of the Earth, but This leaves the extraordinary Northern Lights

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the northern lights form because a storm has a luminous phenomenon in the upper layers of the atmosphere, with arcs, bands or curtain-like patterns, at an altitude of 90 to 150 kilometers. The interaction between the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field.

If this phenomenon is incredible in different parts of Mexico, Looks even better from space; For this reason, here we provide images.

What do the Northern Lights look like from space?

In the words of a European Space Agency astronaut, The International Space Station Is he Best place Look at them Aurora Borealis Caused by electromagnetic storms.

That means the astronaut was among the lucky few who had a special view, even though they saw the incredible northern lights in Sonora, Monterrey and Coahuila.

This is what the northern lights look like from space, a sight not seen in Mexico since the Revolutionary War in 1859.

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