What time does the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show start and how long will it last | Answers

America will celebrate as the entertainment industry re-presents a day in which the beloved 'Vince Lombardi' was in controversy, and the Chiefs Vs. The 8-time Grammy Award-winning Texan made an appearance during the 49ers' halftime performance. Be careful Chosen by the National Football League (NFL) to entertain millions with the musical hits that brought him fame, he celebrates his 30-year career as an artist for the first time. Super Bowl. Find out what time the 58th edition of the halftime show starts, how long it will last and more about the event that celebrates the annual final between the American and National Conference winners.

Halftime Show: When will Usher appear at Super Bowl LVIII and where can you see him if you're in Latin America?

Almost 3 decades ago, Michael Jackson established himself as a star performer Half time showAt the same time that Be careful He made his artistic debut by releasing his first studio album and now in 2024, he will be working independently for the first time during the symbol. Super Bowl LVIII It will determine whether the Chiefs make it to two championships or whether the 49ers finish sixth in 30 years.

After he was confirmed to perform at the traditional half-time event held at the event of the Grand Final In the United States, the Texan artiste is gearing up to deliver an exciting and energetic performance after the first 2 quarters played. Kansas City vs San FranciscoReal celebrities have starred in various advertisements of globally recognized brands.

The self-proclaimed 'King of R&B', Usher, avoids this Sunday, February 11 Thanks to the work done together, especially to the stage assembled for their performance Apple MusicThe NFL and Roc Nation, and from approximately the following hours in Latin America, will certainly rock more than 60 thousand Chiefs and 49ers fans. Allegiant Stadium:

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Peru / Ecuador / Colombia

Mexico / Savior / Costa Rica

Argentina / Chile / Brazil / Paraguay / Uruguay

Bolivia / Venezuela

Likewise, and responsible for sending official channels and/or platforms Super Bowl LVIIIWe're sharing with you details on who will be live streaming Usher's presentation minutes after the first 2 quarters of playing in search of 'Vince Lombardi':

– Channel 5 / Azteca 7 / Fox Sports / Amazon Prime Video / Claro Video

– ESPN 2 / ESPN Extra / Star+

On Thursday the 8th, that is, 3 days before performing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2024, Usher spoke with Nadezka Alexis and thus gave an exclusive interview to the media who did not hesitate to ask him. His predicted winnings, description, program duration, other important details.

Asher will perform at Super Bowl 58 during the halftime show

The final game of professional American football AmericaActing versus acting will define the emerging NFL champion Leaders Mahomes et al 49ers Attack by Christian McCaffrey.

However, another major attraction that Super Bowl 58 offers falls on the numbers Be carefulThe 'King of R&B' gave his thoughts on the halftime show in an exclusive and one-off appearance for Apple Music, where he will perform at Allegiant Stadium, highlighting in principle that he is preparing a unique act.

After Rihanna's presentation earlier last year, Yes! While the Kansas City and San Francisco players get productive time off, he promises to captivate fans and a global audience, which is why he told Nateska Alexis “13 minutes, 30 years (career) is too complicated to plan and try to summarize.”.

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It should be noted that this is precisely the amount of time that the NFL provides by regulation to each participating team, with the goal of being able to relax their legs and get internal instructions between the second and third quarters of the game, which lasts on average 1 hour and 30. minutes. minutes usually.

On the other hand, Usher revealed about his presentation on the halftime show “Perfect songs, choreography, perfect set…”, at the same time highlighting that this does not stop him from tryingHold on to my past, celebrate my present and where I'm headed in the future“, the exact wording that coincides with the name of the concert tour that will begin in the United States on the occasion of its launch I am coming home.

Super Bowl LVIII: When, where and what time does the 2024 NFL Grand Final between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers start?

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, the San Francisco 49ers advanced to the NFL Finals by winning the National Conference series against the Detroit Lions at Levi's Stadium, while the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Ravens. With great defense and good performances from Taylor Swift's partner Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

When all is said and done, Super Bowl LVIII awaits one of the best days of American football since 1967, when thousands of fans of both teams will travel to the Allegiant Stadium in Los Angeles. Vegas, and its capacity is almost 70 thousand spectators.

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As per the official information shared It will be Chiefs vs 49ers Domingo 11/02 starting with 6.30 pm (full time), the following channels are authorized to broadcast it live and live:


– Nickelodeon

– ESPN / Star Plus

– Paramount+ on all platforms

– App CBS Sports

The NFL has confirmed through Apple Music that Usher will perform his musical hits in 2023, similar to Rihanna's, in connection with the famous and highly anticipated Halftime Show, also known as The Halftime Show.

SPONGEBOB's presentation at Super Bowl LVIII, according to CBS Sports

  • Using augmented reality technology
  • SpongeBob is voiced by Tom Kenny / Patrick Star is voiced by Bill Fagerbakke
  • The duo will join Nate Burleson and announcer Noah Eagle to recount and commentate the play-by-play of the Chiefs vs. 49ers kickoff.
  • Arenida Cejillas, voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, will also join the team as a sideline reporter.
  • Use of 23 augmented reality cameras, 8 live from bikini bottom graphics
  • Real-time 3D animation graphics packager based on Unreal Engine / real-time high-speed 3D animation graphics tool
  • Deployment of Red Cat POV cameras to process side effects


Where to watch SpongeBob and his friends live from Super Bowl LVIII: Bikini Bottom

  • TV: CBS / Nickelodeon | Streaming: Paramount+
  • CBS Sports App

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