What's on the Surface of Uranus and Neptune: Discovery That Could Solve a Big Mystery

The investigation yielded new information about the surface of two planets with different mysteries.

Uranus. Photo: Unsplash.

Throughout history Uranus and Neptune are studiedEspecially the beliefs of astronomers indicate that there is There is a large reserve of ice waterIt is About 50,000 times the total amount of water in the oceans on Earth. However, a study indicates that the situation does not end there.

Recent studies show that The surface of these planets is also made of frozen methane. The fact is that the investigations carried out do not yet allow to know exactly the composition of the surfaces.

Uranus.  Photo: Unsplash.Neptune. Photo: Unsplash.

Published in the arXiv repository, the study points out Previous analytical models did not take into account the formation process of planets, so new doors may be opened in this regard. The researchers elaborated Both Uranus and Neptune formed from the dust cloud that surrounded the Sun in its early years.who had some goods in the name of Planets.

These resembled what are now called comets The Kuiper BeltA region of icy bodies that form a great ring located beyond the orbit Neptune. A new invention Appears hand in hand with these planetsBecause they are rich in carbon.

“How do you make a frozen giant out of ice-free building blocks?” That's the probing question of the study that asked. Uri MalamutPlanetary scientist Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and lead author of the study.

Neptune.  Photo: Unsplash.Uranus. Photo: Unsplash.

to answer, Hundreds of thousands of models of the interior of Uranus and Neptune were made. A consideration to consider is, Chemicals like iron, water and methane were used. Compared to the developed models, They found that methane content was within the criteria and up Gas sometimes makes up 10% of the planet's mass.

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It is believed that the ice may have formed due to the chemical reaction of the planets with hydrogen carbon from the planets. It is believed that this happens when there is very high temperature and very high pressure This happened during the growth phase of Uranus and Neptune.

Of course, this information is known until now, especially since detailed investigations have not yet been carried out on the surface, at least until samples are taken from there.

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