When is the arrival of Cesar Vallejo defined by Paulo Guerrero? This is the last known thing

Paolo Guerrero could sign César Vallejo's 'bombshell' for Liga 1 and Copa Sudamericana 2024. Find out when His visit is defined.

Paolo Guerrero is close to signing Cesar Vallejo. | Libero composition

He Peruvian football transfer market for 2024 Very close to bringing us a real surprise. Paolo Guerrero He will be close to star signing Cesar Vallejo University for this season as Trujillo's team competes in both Ligue 1 and the Copa Sudamericana.

A few weeks after learning that Alianza Lima refused to buy the 'Predator', a rumor has emerged and the possibility of seeing the attack of the Peruvian team with the shirt of the 'Poet' team is very high, emerging in the last few hours.

It is important to point out that The 40-year-old's inclusion in Roberto Mosquera's squad is yet to be sealed, but it will take some time to see if the outcome of the negotiations between Guerrero and the leadership of 'UCV' is favorable. Find out all the details here.

When is Paulo Guerrero's visit to Cesar Vallejo defined?

Libero journalist Gustavo Peralta was able to learn that On Monday, January 29, César Vallejo executives will meet Paulo Guerrero in Lima to finalize his signing for 2024.The forward hopes to find a positive response as they feel that his offer is very good in every aspect.

“This Monday, the directors of the César Vallejo club will try to finalize the signing of the contract for 2024 with Paulo Guerrero in Lima. Nothing has been agreed until today, everything will be defined on Monday. The Trujillo club is confident because its proposal is very good”The spokesperson said.

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Paulo Guerrero will define this Monday if he reaches César Vallejo. Photo: X – Gustavo Peralta.

Paolo Guerrero: Reasons why he will sign with Cesar Vallejo

There are three basic reasons why Paulo Guerrero agreed to sign with Cesar Vallejo: Economic size He is willing to give up the club for his services Contract period A year and A chance to play in the South American Cup.

César Vallejo's players knew nothing about the inclusion of Paulo Guerrero

On the other hand, the players in César Vallejo's team knew nothing about the company's negotiations with Paulo Guerrero. This was revealed by the goalkeeper Jose CarvalhoThe 'Predator' hopes the deal can be finalised.

“Paolo Guerrero is a very high-ranked player, I believe it will happen, we don't know anything yet, but if it happens, I think it will be very welcome. I think Paulo will like being at Trujillo. Technical command and a good working atmosphere between the players.”Announced 'Kavi' goalkeeper to Radio Ovasian.

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