When is the next holiday in Peru after Labor Day? | Answers

Los holiday They are special days when the workers of every country can rest and do things that they would not normally be able to do because of the economic dynamics in which they work. In this sense, in this note we will tell you what holidays will be in Peru this May, among other information that you need to know about this information.

Holidays in May in Peru

As confirmed in the Peruvian government’s official calendar, this month of May will only be celebrated as a national holiday. labor day It will be held on May 1.

Although tributes are paid on different dates in May, let’s remember that these are not considered holidays by the Peruvian government, but only commemorative days.

He labor day An important day to remember the world labor movement. Anarchist and communist movements, essentially in favor of the working classes, have used it to fulfill various social and labor demands. It is a national holiday in most countries of the world.

He labor day It is commemorated every May 1 because it started a wave of demonstrations demanding that workers stop working 12- to 18-hour shifts in the industrial environment of large factories and instead enjoy “eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of rest.”

To be more precise, on May 1, 1886, 88,000 workers joined together to call 307 demonstrations in Chicago, the second most populous city in the United States at the time. America.

Similarly, it is important to take into account that the event began to gain international validity three years later, in 1889, as the Second Socialist International established May 1 as an eight-week day of commemoration. Demands of the labor movement.

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He labor day It is a good opportunity to take a breath and meditate on all the rights won till date in labor matters. It is valuable to take into account that this date is not only an excuse to leave the house, but also that if it were not for social struggles, the worker’s rights would never have been taken into account.

About holidays

days holiday Days indicated by law (Article 6 of DL No. 713), on which the worker has the right to rest, such rest is paid.

Workers receive a normal wage equivalent to a day’s work, and it is paid in direct proportion to the number of days actually worked. labor dayOne day’s wages will be paid unconditionally.

If he Worker If you work on holidays without alternative rest, you are entitled to be paid the wages related to the work carried out with 100% surcharge.

Similarly, the works are not considered to have been done holiday Non-working, when the work shift starts on a working day and ends on a working holiday.

Official Holidays of Peru:

● New Year (January 1).

● Holy Thursday and Good Friday (movable).

● Labor Day (May 1).

● Saint Peter and Saint Paul (June 29).

● National holidays (July 28 and 29).

● Santa Rosa de Lima (August 30).

● Battle of Angamos (October 8).

● All Saints (November 1).

● Immaculate Conception (December 8).

● Lord’s Christmas (December 25).

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