Where are the girls? He asks

In Pictures: New Edition of Cycle ‘They Do Science’Oscar Gonzalez


“Excuse me, do you speak English?” The girl group, whose singing voice Elizabeth Campbell, a famous and popular surname of Gaelic origin, beckons to enter the assembly hall of the Bidebarrieta library, smartphones ready to photograph the beautiful place, with its paintings on the walls and its decoration. I apologize as I was the one who opened the door and let him in. They opened their mouths and left the place with joy.

A space guard waits at the other end. Pecona Moran; Mathematician and science communicator Marta Macho Stadler; Geologist Coolies by Marije Rabian And the central protagonist of this story is Uruguayan Daniela Arias Laurino, doctor in theory and history of architecture and speaker in the first lecture that launched the cycle they do organized science in Bidebarrieta Kulturgunea. The title of her speech was in history, in science, in the city, in homes… Where are the women?, and we should use a forgotten note to summarize the entire speech. “Women exist and exist in the domestic, public and academic sectors, but their experience and contributions continue to be shunned, devalued or marginalised. The conference tours different spheres and specific spaces such as the city and the home, on topics such as gender roles, inequalities, differences, care and everyday life. addresses. A gender perspective will be focused on as a tool for analyzing history and architecture to deconstruct normalizing discourses. Women’s presence is critical to the development and sustenance of life. Give Light!

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There is currently no news of Elizabeth. Although the argument was explained to him in broken Spanish, he did not want to stay. All followed closely Carmen Eguilus, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Sisters Becona and Miren Elorza, Ane Maranon, Reyes Martin, Carmen Gutierrez, Itzao Pengoa, Silvia Marin, Maria Juarez Y MARIA ANGELES GARCIA ECHEVARRIA In another majority group that never misses the start.

It has been announced that the circulation meteorologist will be included in the presence Onintze SalazarColumnist and author advocate Maria Martin Barranco and a psychiatrist from Basurto, Marga Sáenz Herrero. Four speakers will fill the November afternoons.

Let’s go back to where we left off. They did not miss the appointment Ana Garcia Alonso, Negane Ortega, Alicia Martinez, Arian Rodriguez, Araceli Royo, Kisen Heras, Marivi Planillo, Laura Ruiz, Maria Jose Bernal, Maria Becona Fernandez, Oladz Muguruza, Miren Palacios, Ainhoa ​​Zarate And a few people when they arrived were already thinking like Daniela, where are the girls? It’s a way to find your place in the world.

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