Where does the “world’s most beautiful anthem” come from according to AI? | Artificial Intelligence | National Anthem | | Answers

Where does the “world’s most beautiful anthem” come from according to AI?  |  Artificial Intelligence |  National Anthem |  |  Answers

The history of countries or nations around the world stands out for its representation of national symbols that evoke devotion and emotion through intense songs. He Anthem The National as a poetic composition usually moves under a melodic tone, which is part of the chart just made Artificial intelligence (IA), and qualified according to each letter, subject and appearance. We tell you who is the most beautiful in the world according to ChatGPT, and who is on the list created thanks to the OpenAI application.

What is the most beautiful song in the world according to CHATGPT?

There are various genres of songs, singles and musical themes that are truly inspirational and have great lyrics to dedicate to your loved one, but nothing like poetry and patriotism. National Anthem Your country represents tradition, independence and a sense of belonging.

The benefit of this I.A It also helped each nation around the world know their intentions, predictions and choices regarding this national symbol, trying to organize it into a top five that, to the surprise of many, did not include any South Americans.

Next, thanks to the suggestion made by the Spanish magazine Muy Interesante al GPT-4 of OpenAIWe share information about World’s most beautiful national anthem It is also considered by various experts in the field:

— French Marseilles

First, and according to the information shared by the portal A revolutionary war song and anthem for freedom, it gradually prevailed until it became the country’s official anthem.

Currently, the Marseilles Along with most official expressions, in commemoration of 1792, after the king’s declaration of war on Austria, Rouquet de l’Eil, a French officer stationed at Strasbourg, composed at the house of Dietrich, the mayor of the city, “A War Song for the Army of the Rhine.”

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The song was adopted by the confederates of Marseille who participated in the Tuileries Rebellion on 10 August of the same year, whose victory was finally made the national anthem on 14 July 1795.

After going through a ban process during the Empire and Restoration, The Marseilles It was reorganized by the 1830 Revolution, and until September 114 years later, a circular from the Ministry of National Education recommended that it be sung in schools.Celebrate our freedom and martyrs”.

According to OPENAI AI, what national anthems are among the top five most beautiful in the world, along with French Marseille?

Listing 5 is done The most beautiful national anthems of the worldAccording to AI OpenAICovers countries of all continents and sub-continents like Asia, Africa and North America.

Let’s do a thorough review of the top five patriotic songs based on their placement in the final ranking created with the best sense. ChatGPT:

2- The Star-Spangled Banner / America

3- Kimikayo / Japan

4- Ngozi Sikelel in Africa / South Africa

5- Jana-gana-mana / India


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