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Follow along 2023 elections in Mexico. Edomex and Coahuila elect a new governor this Sunday, June 4. According to them, for Mexicans in the state of Mexico, the polls will have the preferences of the most preferred candidates, Delfina Gómez and Alejandra del Moral. For your information Where to vote We provide you with all the information of INE (National Electoral Institute) establishing 20,502 polling stations in 6,575 divisions corresponding to 125 municipalities of the company.


In this 2023 poll, the National Electoral Institute (INE) has made available to the general public the Find Your Box system for Elections 2023. This website aims to help citizens know the exact location of the Board of Directors of your voting box. This June 4th.

Likewise, the consultation platform on the electronic side is available throughout the day In this the voter has to select his/her federal agency and write only the number of the electoral division to which he/she belongs, which is present in his/her voter certificate.


According to the Directorate General of Elections (DEOE), 20,433 polling stations are estimated to be set up in 6,574 electoral divisions in the State of Mexico.

Of these, only 6,561 are considered basic polling stations, 13,085 are contiguous, and 725 are extraordinary – implemented when the geographical, infrastructural or socio-cultural conditions of a division make it difficult for all citizens living in that place to reach. That’s the same place — and 62 specialties — where citizens in transit voted.

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On the other hand, if in doubt and you have a current credential, you can contact INETEL (800 433 2000) to ask which box is your turn.

Edomex 2023 Elections: What are the special boxes all about?

If you’re not near a box that touches you, there are 62 special boxes set up throughout the state of Mexico. However, each of these polling stations will have only 1,000 ballots to vote, so voters are advised to organize their schedule and visit their area.

Special polling stations are located in the municipalities of Guatitlán Izcali, Dultitlán, Villa Victoria, San Felipe del Progreso, Ecatepec, Ixtabaluca, Tlalnepantla, Atizapan de Zaragoza, Huixquilugan, Nezahualcotal, Cariomel, Carbocol, Jilocoyote. Pan, Ocoyocac, Ocuilan, Tianguistenco, Chimalhuacán, Toluca and Metepec.

As well as San Mateo Atenco, Zumpango, Chicoloapan, Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Chalco, Tenancingo, Ixtapan de la Sal, Tejupilco, Valle de Bravo, Tepotzotlán, Cuautitlán, Texcoco, Tultepec, Altepec, Al Pazza, Zmoinaya Tepezá, , Tecámac, Atlacomulco , in Ixtlahuaca, Nicolás Romero, Teotihuacán, Acolman and Coacalco.

When is the election in the state of Mexico?

Elections to choose the governor of the state of Mexico have important dates. Here are the dates:

  • Election Day: June 4
  • District Count: June 7 to 10
  • State Enumeration: June 8 to August 16

Who Wins Edomex 2023 Elections?

Edomex The last poll for the 2023 elections was conducted on May 20, 2023 by pollster Massive Caller through an innovative data collection technique of “records sent to homes answered by interviewees” to 1,000 Mexican citizens.

The poll put Delfina Gómez Álvarez of the Juntos Haremos História coalition, made up of three political parties: Morena, Mexico’s Green Ecology Party and the Workers’ Party in first place with 45.3%.

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Regarding Alejandra del Moral, from the Va por el Edomex coalition, Nueva Alianza is formed by the political parties Partido de la Revolución Democratica (PRD), Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) and Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI.5%). .

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