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“A new phenomenon occupies us Police: Parliamentarization. Caught up in the spirit of the great despot, perilous and tempted, we have forgotten its echo: parliamentary drift. It is a realm of narcissistic interests, ideologies of all stripes and ego-battles of a minority of politicians who distance themselves from society, fast and furious.

This is one of the reflections written by the new education minister, Morgan Niccolò Curo title .

The official is one of six new ministerial changes President Tina Poluarte must make as she seeks an impeachment vote for her third cabinet led by Gustavo Adrianson. And amid the scandal over the Rolex case.

Meera: Dina Boluarte and the Rolex Case: Was the break-in at the President's home justified?

Quero Gaime is no stranger to the current head of state. On the contrary, since Boluarte Zegarra came to the government as Pedro Castillo's first vice-president and was assigned to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), he already had an expert in political and social sciences in his office in personal visits.

According to the Midis visit log, Quero and Boluarte met in December 2021, and a month later, His “Chief of Counselors of the Ministerial Office of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion”.

Also, according to records, Kurogeim entered the government palace to meet Polwart, the first vice president of the Republic, in his office. For example, this is how visits are recorded in March 2022.

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He continued to serve as the head of the Midis until early 2023, when he was called again by Polwart, who had already assumed the presidency after the vacancy of Pedro Castillo.

He The President appointed him as the Head of the Technical Cabinet of the President. Since then, he has been close to the President accompanying him to various presentations and activities such as the IV Meeting of Heads of States Parties to the Amazon Cooperation Agreement (TCA) held in Brazil; and to the United Nations General Assembly session in New York, USA in 2023.

Ten months later, in December 2023, he resigned from the post. At the time, it was speculated that his resignation was due to a disagreement with the then head of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otorola, due to a reshuffle of ministers.

The current Minister of Education has served in the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defence, Chairman of the National Fisheries Development Fund (FONDEPES) and member of the Board of Directors of MMSA. .

According to Infogob, he has not registered any party affiliation or candidacy for popularly elected public office.

In May 2022, in a meeting with Abus and representatives of seven Amazonian indigenous communities, the then Minister of Social Inclusion and his chief advisors, Morgan Curro. (Photo: Midis)

According to Tsunedu, she holds a doctorate in political and social sciences, a degree in economics and social policy from L'institut D'etudes Politiques de Grenoble (France), and a diploma for further studies in communication, technologies and power. University Paris I, Pantheon – Sorbonne, France.

According to the supplier register, Curo Game received five service orders in 2021 and 2016 for an amount of S/130,500.

In his affidavit of interests, he appears to have worked for Sophos SAC (between August 2019 and January 2020) as a consultant on social aspects and training methods. The company has contracts with the Navy, Enapu and the 2019 Pan American Games (between 2016 and 2021) for an amount of S/190,485.

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According to the National Public Records Monitor (Sunarp), the current Minister of Education Francisco José Arturo Barron founded the “NQV SAC” in 2014 with Velis. The company is dedicated to providing educational services, educational consultancy, education and technology. Any other action agreed by the Committee.

The company is not registered in the state suppliers' register as having a contract with the state.

Act no. In his affidavit under Section 31457 – Appointment of Senior Officials as Ministers, Currocheim has assured that it has no penalties, ongoing tax investigations or administrative and regulatory sanctions.

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