Why and on what date is Children’s Day celebrated in Peru? | Answers

Children’s Day is a very important date to honor all the little children who are considered to be the future of the society and that is why it is usually celebrated with various events. During this event, domestic children receive many gifts and this creates awareness about their rights and the reprehensible abuse they suffer in some cases such as being forced to work or child abuse from childhood.

When is Children’s Day celebrated in Peru?

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of August, so this 2023 falls on Sunday, August 20. Also, during this festival, the aim is to create awareness among the people about the present situation of education, protection, development, rights, health and well-being of minors.

As you may recall, the celebration of Children’s Day came into effect a few decades ago, precisely in 2002, the Congress of the Republic took a decision to celebrate this day for the pride of the house.

Which other countries celebrate Children’s Day?

Albania: June 1

Germany: September 20

Angola: June 1

Argentina: Third Sunday of August

Armenia: June 1

Australia: Fourth Wednesday of October

Belgium: April 14

Bolivia: April 12

Brazil: October 12 °

Bulgaria: June 1

Chile: August 6

China: June 1

Colombia: Last Saturday in April

North Korea: June 1

South Korea: May 5th

Costa Rica: September 9

Cuba: June 1

Ecuador: June 1

Savior: October 1st

Slovakia: June 1

Spain: April 15

USA: Second Sunday in July

Finland: November 20

France: June 1

Guatemala: October 1st

Honduras: September, 10

Hungary: Last Sunday in May

Japan: May 5th

Mexico: April 30

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Nicaragua: June 1

Paraguay: August 16

Panama: Third Sunday in July

Poland: June 1

Portugal: June 1

Puerto Rico: Second Sunday in August

Dominican Republic: September 29

Czech Republic: June 1

Romania: June 1

Russia: June 1

South Africa: June 16

Sweden: First Monday of October

Turkey itself: April 23

Tunisia: January 11

Ukraine: June 1

Uruguay: Second Sunday in August

Venezuela: Third Sunday in July.

Phrases to share for Children’s Day

Today, baby, you are a promise of happiness and a commitment to surrender to life.

Child of my soul, I love you for that character. You had it before you were born. Happy day to all children around the world.

If ever you notice me looking into your eyes, if you feel the spark of my love, don’t cock your guns or think I’m delusional. So glad to know you exist. I love you madly, my baby.

A child is the greatest treasure in the world. Lead them by example to be good men and women.

Only for a special person who stole my heart. I love you beyond these words, I love you because you are a part of me. You will always be my baby.

I want you to see how my heart explodes every time you smile at me. You should know that mom is your friend and I will always be by your side.

You are my ego, you know what? You don’t need to show me much of yourself, I just want you to remember that you make me feel so happy by being my baby.

Break out of routine and give yourself some time to share with your family. They need it! Photo: Freepik.

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