Aixa Vigil, figure of Alianza Lima Vóley, announces that she may leave the club: “I have offers from outside”

After standing out with Alianza Lima, the blue and white star revealed that he had received proposals from abroad, so his permanence at the club was not confirmed.

He is a fixture at Alianza Lima, but could leave the club due to offers from abroad Photo: Libero

At the game level, Lima Alliance He was able to fulfill his first objective of being crowned the champion of the National Volleyball League. With this, the Victorian company hopes that this great work will continue to bring good results in other areas to the delight of the fans.

In relation to volleyball, after finishing the season, in Matute they are already working on how to assemble the team for the 2024-2025 campaign, where in addition to seeking the championship twice, they will compete in the South American Club Championship. .

Clarivete Ylleskas is understood to be around for one more season as he is under contract, and Flavia Montes will be close to playing for Alianza Lima, of which she has admitted to being a fan. However, other coronation figures may also leave the club due to offers from abroad.

For example, during interviews with different media, That’s Vigil Her continuation was discussed and she did not guarantee that she would stay at La Victoria, she revealed that she had offers from abroad.

Aixa Vigil with Alianza Lima shirt. Photo: Fernando Mejia.

“I have some proposals from outside, but I haven’t evaluated them yet. I want to enjoy this moment with the team, with Alianza, and then see what comes next.”The 22-year-old attacker said that he first wanted to be a champion, and now promises to decide his future more calmly.

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“My manager is looking at the offers and she said that I have proposals and I should listen to them because they are good. I told her that I want to dedicate myself only to Alianza, I want to finish the tournament well and celebrate. My team is going to look at the proposals from there.Vigil scored the point that gave the closer a national title in high net sports after 31 years.

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