Why is Nicola Porcella linked to Victoria Ruffo in Mexico? | Answers

Nicola Porcella He is going through one of his best moments in his artistic career as he increased his popularity after participating in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos México” in which he beat his friend and finished second. Influencer Wendy Guerra.

After finishing the show, the Peruvian thanked the Mexican people for how they welcomed them. He took the time to post on his official Instagram account how people receive him during his presentations, and the videos his fans share on social networks are proof of this.

The Peruvian influencer has become very popular in Mexico thanks to his participation in the reality show, and taking into account that he is currently gaining followers exponentially, it is not surprising to find him regularly on social networks. He is exposed, and even to theories about his relationship with other celebrities.

In this sense, a theory has recently surfaced in which they point out that Nicola Porcella is related to none other than one of Mexico’s most important actresses, Victoria Ruffo.

Why is Nicola Porcella linked to actress Victoria Raffo in Mexico?

The theory that Nicola Porcella is related to Victoria Ruffo was created on social networks due to one of the recent publications on his official TikTok account. Despite having ‘two left feet’, the Peruvian can be seen having fun dancing in the video. Immediately, reactions from netizens erupted on social networks, where they sarcastically pointed out that he was the ‘lost son of Victoria Rufo’ because his strength was not dancing.

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You can find a clip on TikTok where you can compare the dances of the influencer and the Mexican actress. In this video you will find the following comments: “Just like the Queen”, “Aren’t they mother and son?” Y “He dances like José Eduardo Terpes, who wouldn’t be Victoria’s son.”

According to Los Estrellas, netizens are waiting for the reaction of both Nicola Porcella and Victoria Ruffo regarding this hilarious moment.

What did Nicola Porcella do before he became known in Mexico?

The Peruvian character was born on February 5, 1998 in Lima, Peru. Initially he devoted himself to professional sports, entering football in 2006, where he made his debut in the FBC Melgar team. He also played for Sport Boys del Gala, although he didn’t have much luck and that’s why his football career didn’t flourish.

Later, he entered the world of television entertainment with small appearances on game shows. His perseverance led him to national fame in 2012 on the reality show “Esto es Guevara” where he became one of the most admired characters by fans. As a result of his outstanding presence in the competition program, Nicola Porcella was considered in Peruvian shows and soap operas.

As part of the goal of internationalizing his career, the influencer received an invitation to participate in the form of “Guerreros 2020”. Later he was invited as one of the protagonists in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico”.

He is currently planning new personal projects, such as a possible interview show or podcast, as he announced a few weeks ago when followers asked him why he didn’t have a YouTube channel.

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