Why should Universitario finish first and not second in the Copa Sudamericana?

Universitario fell to Goyas but are still alive in the Copa Sudamericana. Find out why the cream of the group should end up as the group leader.

University and the reason why he is comfortable being a leader in Goba Southamericana | Photo: Libero Mix

Universitario de Deportes turned the page after the painful defeat against Goias in Brazil, and although they are now focused on the match against UTC for Ligue 1, they have not stopped thinking about it. South American Cup Because she’s freaking out all over the puffy cream.

The team led by Jorge Fossati has accumulated 7 points in their favor but they know that the first place is more in their favor compared to the second place, so they will try to win both their pending games against Santa Fe de Colombia. Gimnasia Argentina Fri.

Why should the Copa Sudamericana suit top Universitario?

Many fans have been asked why finishing in first place in the group stage is so beneficial, and the answer is that it gives the top team direct qualification for the round of 16, while finishing in second place can cause some contention in the play-offs. Third Libertadores Cup.

Because of that, University To finish first in Group C South American CupIt will directly reach the other event and not make them play the so-called ‘playoffs’, where it might face giants who have not had a good time in ‘eternal glory’.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that another advantage of Ate is related to the economy, since he can earn 550 thousand dollars if he can be classified as the leader of the group. On the other hand, if he comes in second, he will do so with 500 thousand dollars.

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When does Universitario play for the Copa Sudamericana?

Universitario will again play for the Copa Sudamericana Thursday, June 8 On the contrary Santa Fefrom 21:00 hrsFor the final day.

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