Will smartphones of the future repair themselves?

He mobile phone It has become one of the most important and most used technological devices in recent years, because with it, its use has been redefined, because beyond making calls, you can now Chat, take photos, listen to music, communicate on social networksAmong other activities.

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Because of this, technologists have evaluated the possibility of making cell phones more resistant, with the aim of extending their useful life. People can use them for a long time and save the money that would have been used to buy a new one.

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And, for some time, there has been talk of the possibility of developing technology that can adjust screens autonomously. According to experts from the company CCS, Insight was quoted CNBC, This may become a reality in 2028.

In a roundup of high-tech forecasts for 2024 and beyond, CCS Insight expects smartphone makers to start making phones with screens.Self-healing“, another five years.

A broken cell phone


The way this feature works is a “Nano coating“On the surface of the screen, in which If it is scratched, it can create a new air-reactive material to fill the defect..

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There are some new technologies that people are working on right now that could become something that people can try again. And we’re not talking about broken screens that miraculously come back. These are all minor cosmetic scratches.” an expert from CCS Insight told CNBC.

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Although it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, The business sector dedicated to cell phone manufacturing has already addressed this issue..

Damaged cell phone

LG is one of the companies that spoke about this. The South Korean company has offered self-repair technology in its phones since 2013When the phone was introduced in the market G flexIt has a vertical curved screen and finish “Self-healing“.

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On the other hand, in 2017, Motorola filed a patent for a screen.Shape memory polymer“, that, when a crack forms, It has the ability to repair itself. The idea is that if heat is applied to the material, the crack will heal..

Despite this, it has yet to find a successful phone in the market with this technology, and there are many obstacles to introducing this type of technology for mass production.

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