Will there be a special grant this Holy Thursday and Good Friday?

The Easter bonus is one of the most anticipated and here you can see on which day this economic benefit will be paid by the Patria system.

Find out if there will be a special bonus for Easter 2024 in Venezuela. | I release

Nicolás Maduro Informed about the distribution of various economic grants related to the month of March. This funding is sent through the official site Home system And their main objective is to provide assistance to certain sectors of citizens.

Paid a few days ago People's bonus winsFirstly March special bonus. However, thousands of Venezuelan citizens are already waiting for the second special tariff, which is expected to land in these days. Holy Week, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. What do you know about it? Find out all the details in this web reference.

Will there be a special grant for Easter 2024?

He First special bonus, called Bono Triunfos del pueblo, will be delivered from March 19 to March 23. That is why thousands of Venezuelans are waiting for the arrival of Venezuela The second is a special bonus This March 28th and 29th Maundy Thursday and Good Friday respectively.

The Maduro regime has not commented on the matter at this time, so all that remains is to pay attention to the official broadcasting channels in Venezuela.

Thousands are anticipating the new fare for Easter. Photo: X

Easter Bonus: What's the New Amount?

This time, the new amount Easter bonusBut this economic benefit is equal First special bonus of March.

How to collect the first special bonus for March 2024?

To access the funds deposited in your Patria account, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Patria platform.
  • Go to 'Wallet' and go to 'Withdrawal'.
  • Select source wallet, amount and destination of funds.
  • Click on 'Continue' and then click on 'Accept'.
  • Finally, the computer will show you that the operation was successful, and that's it.
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