WWE SmackDown November 17, 2023: Coverage and Results

By Nicolas Laferriere on 11/18/2023

Tonight we will once again experience a new live sequel Friday night on SmackDown. Weekly program WWE Broadcast from the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. In this news, you can find quick results, videos and a complete summary of the show.

WWE SmackDown Summary November 17, 2023

  • Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins y Montes Ford) Brawling Brutes (Butch y Ridge Holland) and Freddy Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince).
  • Dragon Lee defeats Axiom.
  • Grayson Waller defeated Cameron Grimes.
  • LA Knight defeated Jimmy Uso.

The live follow-up is WWE SmackDown on November 17, 2023

Damage CTRL They enter to start the chapter. Bayley credited Asuka for coming to the group last week. The latter is revealed in Japanese, which elicits laughter from IYO Skye and Kairi Sane, but worries Role model. Dakota Kai reassures her, and officially announces the plan for the group: Battle against Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belaire and Shadzie at Wargames. The latter launches a surprise attack on his opponents, in which Flair and Belair engage without success.

Backstage, Shotzi is berated by her colleagues They try to think of a name for the fourth member Survivor Series faces 2023. Nick Altice warns Must meet his partner tonight.

Doubles Championship Opportunity
Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montes Ford) vs. Brawling Brutes (Butch & Ridge Holland) vs. Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)
Montes maintains the advantage until Butch and Elton slam Angelo until Wilson strikes by surprise. Holland gets in the ring and takes Kid to the corner for a rolling DDT. The Brawling Broods go for blows to the chest of Street Profits, but Pretty Deadly knocks them out on the way to the steel steps.
Back from the break with a double suplex from Holland. Butch takes and distributes attacks from all sides. Dawkins recovers and throws Butch at Elton. All three teams take over. Holland maintains the advantage until he gets a clothesline from Wilson. The prince takes charge by surprise and attacks Montes with a knife. Butch accidentally hits his partner. Street Profit reveals Holland and takes the win.
Winners: Street Profits on three counts

Michin Looks like Bianca agrees to Belair’s plan to enter the War Games. After the commercial break, the first RAmbush with damage CTRL That removes her from the possibility of competing.

Dragon Lee vs. Axiom
Both start with hand pressure and a quick exchange. Dragon uses a dropkick followed by a cannonball to ringside. Axiom takes a kick to the chest and several hooks before the commercial break.
The Spaniard leaps towards the ring and attacks, damaging his leg in the fall. Lee takes advantage of this opportunity and climbs to the third rope, but Axiom chases him down before getting a stomp to the chest. The Mexican gets a dropkick and answers with a vertical suplex. Axiom turns a Powerbomb into a Poison-Rana. Lee counters and gains height, but the Spanish fly is stopped by a kick. Dragon is miraculously saved and uses a powerbomb before finishing off with his Dragon Operation. 1…2…3…
Winner: Dragon Lee by 3 count

Santos Escobar He comes out to the ring to talk about his attack on Rey Mysterio. “They say you should never meet your heroes. I come from a wrestling tradition, with family members who were heroes. But my main hero is Rey Mysterio, and I want the next generation to see me the way they saw me.” You’ve been a father to me and made me feel at home, but last week I realized that Dominic was absolutely right about you.”

Santos recalled that Ray retained his shot at the United States Championship. He declares Carlito his mortal enemy. “You put an outsider on me. All the pain you’re going through is the same pain I felt when you betrayed me. Your surgery left an infection and I hope you don’t happen again.” Jelena Vega He goes to reason with Santos, but the verbal altercation ends with Escobar slapping him. Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro They also try to reason, but are attacked by Escobar. Carlito comes out to the ring and scares Santos.

Cameron Grimes vs. Grayson Waller
Grimes reverses an arm lock and connects with a dropkick. Carwheel follows up with a DDT and kicks his opponent in the face. Waller applies a lock to the neck, but is reversed by several kicks to the chest and head. Austin Thierry tries to help his partner and gets a disorienting attack on Cameron. Down Under by Waller and Victory.
Winner: Grayson Waller in third

Jelena Vega Bianca Bellaire consoled backstage as she presented her plan for the War Games. After a pause, Jelena gets a damage CTRL attack.

Chikova, Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman only They are located in the center of the quadrangle. The latter declares victory and introduces John Cena, who is not on tonight’s show. Bloodline’s advisor assures Cena that he will never return to WWE, and that if he does, he won’t be able to talk because of the punches he received in the Crown Jewel. He points out John as heartless because of his inability to say goodbye to his “senation”. LA Night He interrupts, pointing out the trio as the only reason Roman Reigns is still champion. He declares himself a “problem-solving man” and points to Jimmy Uso as the first victim.

Bianca Belaire is out of options for partners, and Charlotte asks Blair to make “the call.” Blair reluctantly agrees.

Jimmy Uso vs. LA Knight
The Bloodline men leave the ring. Knight starts with a suplex and applies a body slam. He looks for his opponent in the ring and tackles him with a shoulder tackle. Jimmy responds with a kick and a hit to the chest, but he is thrown into the commentary table, where he receives several pillows.
Uzo uses a headbutt against the stringer and runs in for an attack in the corner, but his opponent blocks it. LA uses DDT and more clotheslines. Jimmy fakes a superplex but is tagged in to get the BFT. 1…2…3…
Winner: LA Knight by three count

Separate score His entrance and Jimmy take advantage of the distraction for an attack. He goes for the Samoan Spike and sets up the announce table for the attack. ยกCody Rhodes on SmackDown! American Nightmare He helps Knight and they pick it up in The Bloodline. After the break, Nick Altice kicked Rhodes out of the arena.

has been announced Day of judgment against street profiteering For the Pairs Championship, and The Grayson Waller Effect by Kevin Owens For next week.

Bianca Belair, Shotzi and Charlotte Flair They come on stage to talk about War Games. The latter accepts the challenge on behalf of his comrades and promises that only one can be called to go to battle. Damage CTRL and they come out of the ring to start another ambush. Team Beckley Lynch joins SmackDown! All nine women take action to end tonight’s episode.

End of stream.

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