Xiaomi boasts electric technology with its new motors, battery and driving systems

The Chinese brand has presented its different plans based on engines (HyperEngine V6, V6 and HyperEngine V8), 150 kWh battery, as well as autonomous driving, road mapping and the Xiaomi Smart Cabin system. Industrial Engineering.

Xiaomi has officially unveiled five key technologies that its zero-emission cars will incorporate: Electric Motor, Battery, Xiaomi Hyper Die-Casting, Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving and Smart Cabin. Based on the development of these innovations, the Chinese company aims to redefine the engineering of the automotive industry.

With accessories, we focus on independently developed and manufactured electric motors, HyperEngine V6/V6 and HyperEngine V8.

All of them use innovative technologies such as bi-directional total oil cooling, 'S' shaped oil circuit design and staggered silicon steel laminations. They go hand-in-hand with traditional V8 and V6 engines, so performance is expected to be at a very high level.

If we focus, HyperEngine V8, with A top speed of 431 kmph, 673 hp of power and a maximum torque of 635 NmElectric motors set a world record.

To drive that speed, the HyperEngine V8 uses the industry's first ultra-high-strength silicon steel plate with a tensile strength of 960 MPa, double the strength of other manufacturers' leading offerings.

For cooling design, The HyperEngine V8 adopts bi-directional full oil cooling technology and an 'S' shaped oil circuit design. For the stator, a double circulation oil circuit is used, increasing the heat dissipation area by 100% and achieving a cooling effect of up to 20°C.

These HyperEngine V8s are under development and will be mass-produced and implemented in Xiaomi electric vehicles by 2025.

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Xiaomi's self-developed HyperEngine V6/V6s electric motors have a top speed of 333 km/h, surpassing the world's most powerful mass-produced electric motor.

Among them, there is the HyperEngine V6 supermotor With a maximum power of 299 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm, the Hyperengine V6 Supermotor achieves a maximum power of 374 hp. and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. These are installed on Xiaomi SU7.


Xiaomi has developed its own CTB integrated battery technology with innovative inverted cell technology, multifunctional elastic middle layer and minimalist wiring system.

77.8% battery integration efficiency, the highest in any CTB battery in the world, 24.4% overall efficiency improvement and 17mm height reduction, maximum battery capacity 150 kWh and range according to Chinese CLTC cycle. Over 1200 km.

Another innovation Its aluminum alloy body is created under a new patented process like Xiaomi Hyper Die-Casting T9100. This allows for better efficiency in production time and improves assembly quality.

Autopilot and Xiaomi Smart Cabin

In terms of autonomous driving, Xiaomi has pioneered three key technologies: adaptive BEV technology, basic road mapping model and super-res invasive network technology. This system is an innovation in the industry that triggers different perceptual mechanisms depending on the situation.

The sensing grid has a minimum granularity of 5 cm and a maximum granularity of 20 cm, with a recognition range extending from 5 cm to 250 m. This technology guarantees a wide view in urban situations.

The road mapping model revolutionizes traditional methods of sensing road conditions Because it not only recognizes them in real-time, but also intelligently switches to a more reasonable driving lane.

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In addition to the basic road mapping model, Xiaomi has independently developed the world's first production-ready “end-to-end detection and decision-making AI model” for automatic parking.

Xiaomi EV Smart Cabin Adopts a relational framework “Human-centered” and features a 16.1-inch 3K center console, a 56-inch HUD head-up display, a 7.1-inch swivel dash, and two seatback extension brackets that allow two tablet devices to be mounted.

This model allows for real-time monitoring and dynamic adjustment when parking in challenging situations such as parking lots including elevators.

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