Yazire Pinedo and how he pocketed S/85,000 from the state with no experience and started studying at an unlicensed university

Counter Yasire Pinedo (26), close to the former prime minister Alberto OtterolaAccording to a report released this Wednesday, the university registered its first two contracts with the state in June and August 2018, shortly after starting classes. Trade.

Recruited by a young woman without expertise in the public sector S/ 8,000 Work as Administrative Assistant in Informal Property Regularization Organization (COFOPRI). Cesar Figuerato, Current General Secretary of Peru First, the former President's party Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020).

Born in Tarapoto (San Martin), Pinedo said Canal N Her relationship with Figueredo dates back to 2015, when she came of age. Six years later, in June 2021, he received his bachelor's degree from that university and his public accounting degree from the same institution the following year, according to the National Monitor of University Higher Education (SUNEDU) portal.

Although he declared a master's degree in General management, Education Degree will not appear in Sunedu Portal. Shortly after graduation, in August 2022, Pinedo received a service order for S/ 24,000. Power of reconstruction with modifications (ARCC). It was during the regime of the former President Pedro Castillo (2021-2022), held on charges of corruption and sedition.

ARCC, attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), was then operationalized Robert LopezHe was arrested last August for the case 'Reconstruction Operators'Investigation of crimes of criminal organization and corruption of officials (bad collusion).

According to trade, After receiving the contract at the company, the accountant promised to send Kofopri proof of his employment, a document proving his “years” of experience at the company. It is not stated whether he finally sent.

In December 2022, when President Tina Bolavarte appointed Otarola as Minister of Defense, Pinedo met with him in his office, but the meeting was not officially recorded. A few days later, he received two service orders for 18,000 and 35,000 soles in the specified portfolio, to file, organize and classify files, as well as prepare official letters and correspondence for the subsequent supervision of recruitment.

However, this has led to government employment irregularities, with “two non-procedural awards” being considered for “activities that are inconsistent or inconsistent” with the contract system of location for services, according to a report. .

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At the beginning of 2023, when Otorola already headed the cabinet, Pinedo received an email from the PCM. Supply Office, under the supervision of experts, need only be sent to high-quality specialists. She did not respond to an email.

From 2018 to 2023, Pinedo pocketed a total of S/ 85,000 from the National Treasury. A conversation leaked to the press this week — in which she was taking part with the former prime minister, with whom she had a short-lived relationship in 2021, according to her testimony — created a political uproar and the resignation of Polwart's former number two.

The accountant indicated that the exposé was part of a “conspiracy” against Otarola that involved Figueredo, Vizcarra and President's brotherNicanor Polwarte-, according to his version, sought her to provide his money as part of the conspiracy and to depose the former prime minister. To put a close person in his position.

The prosecutor's office, which is investigating the case, accuses the former administration spokesman of “instigating a crime against public administration (Unmatched negotiation)”, despite his insistence that he had committed no illegal act.

The released audio of Pinedo confronted him with a warning from the former defense minister. George Chavez, he alleged, recommended him to work on that portfolio. The former president has announced that he will initiate legal action slander If the counter is not fully adjusted.

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