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young lady Yasire Pinedo He assured Prime Minister Alberto Otterola that the recording asking for his resume was “false and redacted”. In addition, he promised that Otorola would no longer be a public official until January 2021.

“I recognize my voice, Mr. I recognize Alberto Otterola's voice, but what I can't accept is that this audio is current, mr. Like Alberto gave me a job. That's a lie. […] In fact, it is a fake audio that has been re-edited. “In fact, it's a video that lasts an average of 15 minutes from January 2021,” he told Canal N.

Yaziré Pinedo on Canal N about her relationship with Alberto Otorola

The audio broadcast by “Panorama” last Sunday reveals the close relationship between Otorola and Pinedo, which the Prime Minister denied last year.

Meanwhile, “Panorama's” press director Marco Vasquez said this Monday, contradicting Pinedo, “the date of the audio is ministerial.”

Confirm proximity

At another time, the young Pinedo admitted to having a romantic relationship with Otarola.

“At that point it could be as little as a week's time or as early as January 2021,” he noted.

In addition, he accused former President Martin Vizcarra, President Tina Polwart's brother Nicanor Polwart; and César Figueredo, former managing director of Cofopri, for being behind the dissemination of the audio and for masterminding the alleged plot against Otárola.

According to their version, the trio tried to get the Prime Minister to resign or be dismissed.

On the other hand, Pinedo said he worked in the Ministry of Defense in 2023 “Mr. [Jorge] Chavez, former Minister of Defense, Mr. Because of the complications of Cesare Figuerato's influence.

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Shortly after, Chavez denied the suggestion made on the young woman's behalf by X (formerly Twitter).

“I categorically deny that I interfered in the appointment of Yasire Pinedo in the Ministry of Defense. I only became aware of his existence when his name came up in a report from September 2023. I will give the woman 24 hours to correct herself or I will prosecute her,” he said.

Last year, the comptroller's office found irregularities in Mindep's hiring of Pinedo.

The young woman assured that the evidence of her statements was saved on her cell phone, which – as she announced – she would provide to the Public Ministry.

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