You can now download the March 2023 Pixel Watch update

Google announced the Pixel Watch March 2023 update yesterday, and now you can download and install it using the usual trick.

When Google announced the update on Monday, you couldn’t pull and download the update by going to Settings Apps > System and repeatedly tapping the System Updates screen. There are no reports of people getting the update by default.

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, that trick is now working to start the download.

To speed up that process, make sure to turn off Bluetooth (after the download starts) on your Pixel Watch to force a Wi-Fi connection. It takes a little longer to install than before, but it’s a big update with a lot of changes compared to the last three months’ releases.

2: Before | 3: After

Apart from the changes announced by Google, this March update (RWDA.230114.008.R1) tweaks the Settings app to remove white space and bring various elements/buttons closer together. As a result, you can see more items on one screen.

Meanwhile, we still don’t get the ability to enable/disable battery saver in quick settings with a single tap.

Watch faces

  • The digital clock is now available at the press of a button when the device is idle. The time now appears when pushing the crown with a red low battery indicator.


  • In addition to enabling AOD in settings on your watch or companion app, AOD can now be turned on by rotating the haptic crown, and the screen turns AOD off and brightens the display in ambient mode.


  • Added optimizations to improve the sensitivity of touch screen behavior.
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  • Battery saver enable/disable single tray support is fully enabled in QSS in this release.


  • In the coming weeks, a patch will be released via the PlayStore to update the Clock app that addresses some of the delayed or incorrect startup alarms.
  • Make sure Auto-update apps is selected in Play Store > Settings of your watch and you will receive this update when your watch is on the charger and connected to Wi-Fi.


  • Mono-Audio This controls the distortion of split-audio
  • New color correction and grayscale modes better optimize the display for a wider range of viewing options.

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