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In a world where honesty and transparency are highly valued values, it is important to understand our own tendencies and behaviors. Often, we are not fully aware of the image we project towards others or the patterns we adopt in our interactions. The Personality tests, in this context, can be useful tools for unraveling certain mysteries, including our propensity to tell the truth or, conversely, to lie. Are you ready to learn a little more about yourself? All you have to do is look at the full description Evidence Answer what caught your attention first: the silhouette of a dog or the silhouette of a couple. Remember that honesty starts with you, and acknowledging our own flaws is the first step to a more authentic and transparent life.

Find out if you're a liar based on the first thing you see in this picture (Photo: GenieGuru).

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If you see a dog…

  • This means that you appear beautiful, but in reality you carry with you a whirlwind of thoughts that sometimes lead you to lies. You resort to lying to protect your own skin and avoid trouble, yet you never lean towards the extreme of offending others.

If you see a couple…

  • This means that you are more likely to lie that you have gotten to the point of confusing reality with your inventions, which has earned it a well-known reputation. It is very important that you try to change and embrace the path of truth because it will benefit you and those around you.

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