Calisthenics Commander Alvin Lee on Form and Fitness

May 6, 2019


Calisthenics Commander Alvin Lee on Form and Fitness

Alvin Lee Anyumba, more popularly referred to as Alvin Lee Fitness, is a fitness guru who is no stranger to both the realms of gyms that dot the neighbourhoods of Nairobi, specifically Alpha Fit on the city’s Easterly Ngong road arterial, as well as social media feeds, including those of celebrities such as media personalities Kalekye Mumo and Maina Kageni who have employed his services to help whip them into shape, or the reigning Mr. World Kenya Cula Budi, one of his close friends and gym partners.

The ripped and hard-to-ignore muscular physique of this 26-year-old personal trainer is as a result of a mental fortitude that exerts self discipline and dedication to self-improvement. He recently got married to his long time girlfriend, Nessy. “If there was one Kenyan you could be for a day, who would it be and why?” I asked Alvin, specifying that it shouldn’t be a politician or the President.

“Well, honestly I’m yet to meet someone I would want to be (in Kenya), for a day. I’m still socializing, but when it happens, I’ll let you know.

Five words which Alvin would use to describe himself are – Go-getter, Dreamer, Perfectionist, Creative and Innovative. “These are all the things that people have said about me, and I choose to believe them because I can see the qualities in myself.”

Nate’s Crest: You get up at 4.00am thereabout. Not many people consider themselves morning people, even though they get up at such ungodly hours. Why do you, and what pushes you to?

Alvin Lee: I’m naturally a nocturnal person. But the passion for my profession, and the vision and dreams I have for my future, coupled with the constant pursuit of what I’m capable of, can’t let me wake up past 6.00am on any day.

Nate’s Crest: It seems like there’s a lot going on in your life, from a blog to social media posts, to being a personal trainer, and living in the gym, how do you juggle all this?

Alvin Lee: It all boils down to planning. My planning is based on how effective and efficient I aim to be doing what I’m passionate about – fitness has become my profession and my life, and how the different hustles and relationships fit into my overall vision.

Nate’s Crest: Why do you come across as Kenya’s ‘calisthenics’ ambassador…

Alvin Lee: Calisthenics is simply the art of mastering how to control your body in space. I love how it teaches me alot about my body and its functionality in great detail, which is a whole topic in itself. I may come across that way simply because I’m the one who is documenting my calisthenics journey the most in these parts.

Nate’s Crest: You’re a big guy, I’m sure you get that a lot. How did you get so big and is fitness all just about gyming?

Alvin Lee: (laughs heartily) I set a goal to get big and i did. I appreciate food – knowing it and how it affects my body and I literally enjoy working out. Fitness is not only about going to the gym: There is mental fitness, spiritual fitness and intellectual fitness. All these work hand in hand overall.

Nate’s Crest: Is there anything that has, or does, demotivate you in your journey? (and how do you overcome that?)

Alvin Lee: In all honesty, I’ve searched my soul about what demotivates me and there’s nothing. I’ve been doing this without attention from anywhere and also with lots of attention from everywhere. This is a part of me, its my therapy. I take both the negativity and the positivity as a challenge to press ahead.

Nate’s Crest: What are some of your must-do workout routines and/or techniques that you’ve consistently kept to through the years that have helped shape you up?

Pullups, Pushups, Hanging leg raises and Pistol squats. These are my all time foundation to mastering proper fitness in my opinion, even before taking on weight training.

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