EFE Economic Day topics for Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Recovery plan

Madrid – The Independent Commission for Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF) presents its monitoring report on the recovery plan after calculating in its latest budget report that it will add 1.6 points to GDP growth in 2024 and 1.8 points in 2025.



Ibertrol results

Madrid – Electricity company Iberdrola posted a net profit of 2,760 million euros in the first quarter of this year, up 86% from 2023, thanks to 1,165 million euros from the sale of assets in Mexico and another 238 million from recoveries. UK tariff deficit.


– Orange and KPN operators also present their accounts at Dominion and other companies.


Home mortgages

MADRID – The National Institute of Statistics (INE) publishes data on mortgages signed in February, after rising 33% in January compared to December, which has already fallen for twelve consecutive months on a year-on-year basis.

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RENFE Perspectives

MADRID – Renfe's president, Raül Blanco, explains the future of the company, plunged into a fleet renewal process amid a clash between its rival Ouigo and Ouigo, after acquiring Talco trains that include services to Galicia and Asturias. Transport Minister, Óscar Puente.



Germany's prospects

BERLIN – German Economy Minister Robert Habeck presented the spring economic forecast after the executive and major economic institutions and the International Monetary Fund revised Germany's growth estimates for this year downward by 0.1% to 0.2%.

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EU Agriculture

Strasbourg (France) – The European Parliament (EP) plenary will vote this Thursday on measures to soften the environmental requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), raised in response to farmers' protests.



EU energy

STRASBOURG (France) – A plenary session of the European Parliament is deciding whether to approve the EU's withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty, a post-Soviet international agreement to protect energy investments deemed obsolete under current climate targets.



Target results

NEW YORK – US technology giant Meta is reporting results for the first quarter of 2024 after ending the 2023 fiscal year with 68% profit growth.


– Boeing, Vale, IBM, Ford and AT&T also present their accounts.

Information agenda

7:00 am- Bilbao.- DOMINION RESULTS.- Basque technology group Dominion publishes results for the first quarter of 2024 before the market opens and hosts a conference with analysts and investors (4:00 pm). (text)

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8:00 am- Madrid.- IBERDROLA RESULTS.- Iberdrola presents results for the first quarter of 2024. (Text).

9:00 am- Control of government session in Congress, personal income tax demonetization, funding for Catalonia, early retirement for dependents and highway tolls. (Text) (Photo) (Video) (Live)

9:00 am- Madrid.- RENFE PERSPECTIVES.- Breakfast with the President of Renfe, Raül Blanco, organized by CEDE. Hotel Melia Castilla. Poet Joan Maragal, 43. Madrid.

9:00 am- Madrid.- RAIL TRANSPORT.- CEDE organizes an informative breakfast with Raül Blanco, President of Renfe. Melia Castilla.

9:00 am- Madrid.- Home mortgages.- The National Institute of Statistics (INE) publishes data on mortgages signed in February. (text)

9:30 am- Madrid.- ENERGY POLICY.- Francisco Reynes, President of Netergy, speaks at an event organized by the Elcano Royal Institute on geopolitics and the energy transition. Natural Auditorium (Av. America, 38, Madrid) (text) (photo)

10:00 am- Madrid.- SME companies.- El Economista celebrates its 1st SME Forum, in which Pedro Mier, President of the Digital Industry Association Ametic, will take part; Executive Vice President of Exceltur, Jose Luis Zoreda; General Director of Linkedin for Spain and Portugal, angel Sáenz de Cenzano and General Director of Meta for Iberia Irene Cano, President of CEOE Antonio Garamendi Hotel The Westin Palace closed the meeting. Round room

10:30 am- Madrid.- Motor sectors.- Nicolás López, general director of Lynk & Co (Geely), presents the new location of the brand in Madrid. Club Link & Co Madrid, Gran Via, 1.

10:30 am- Madrid.- RENT Housing.- The Safe Rental Foundation offers a rental barometer that measures the pressure between supply and demand in different provinces and autonomous communities. C/DAN RAMON DE LA CRUZ 43.

11:00 am- Madrid.- Recovery Plan.- Cristina Herrero, President of the Independent Commission for Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF), presents an observatory on the Recovery, Transition and Resilience Plan. AIREF. C/ Jose Abascal, 2 (Text)

11:00h.- Madrid.- NAVAL INDUSTRY.- The Association of Naval and Maritime Engineers of Spain organizes the new edition of the 'Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry Congress', where they will talk about energy transition, sustainable development or efficiency. A difficult geopolitical environment affecting the development of global maritime trade and defense sector.

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12:00h.- Madrid.- ENDESA JUNTA.- Endesa holds a general meeting of its shareholders, in which its parent company Enel proposes to increase the number of directors to fourteen with a greater presence, but it does not propose that Alicia Koplowitz is re-elected independently when leaving for personal reasons. At the doors of the company's headquarters, representatives of the CCOO and the Independent Energy Union (SIE) will gather to demand improvements to the sixth collective agreement. Endesa Headquarters, C/ Ribera del Loira, 60 (text) (photo) (video)

13:00h.- Madrid.- PROSEGUR CASH.- Prosegur Cash holds a meeting of its shareholders in which it proposes to distribute a dividend to reserves totaling 0.04 euros per share. director and Juan Coqui as external director. 22 Bajaritos Street.

16:30h.- Madrid.- ATRESMEDIA BOARD.- Atresmedia 2024 holds the shareholders meeting (text).

17:00h.- Madrid.- Bank Frauds.- Alejandra Kindelán, President of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), participates in the presentation of the campaign “Protect yourself, avoiding fraud is in your hands” Casa de las Alhajas. Plaza San Martin, 1.

17:00h.- Madrid.- EU Institutions.- The President of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, presents the CEOE proposals for the next European legislative cycle 2024-2029 to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albarez. CEOE. Cal Diego de Leon, 50 (Text) (Photo)

Madrid.- Employment regulation.- The Ministry of Labor publishes employment regulation data for the month of February. (Text)



8:00h.- Paris.- Orange Results.- French operator Orange presents financial results for the first quarter.

8:00 am- London.- LLOYDS BANKING GROUP RESULTS.- Banking group Lloyds Banking Group publishes its results for the first quarter of the year. (text)

10:00 am- Munich.- GERMANY CURRENT.- The German Institute for Economic Research (Ifo) publishes the Business Confidence Index for April. (text)

11:30 am- Frankfurt.- GERMANY DEBT.- Germany issues 10-year debt for 4,000 million euros (text)

2:15 PM- Berlin.- Germany's Outlook.- German Economy Minister Robert Habeck presents spring economic forecasts at a press conference. (text)

16:00h.- Lisbon.- PORTUGAL EU.- The Portuguese Parliament discusses the 2024-2028 stability plan with updates introduced by the center-right government of Luis Montenegro and before it is sent to Brussels. (Text)

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Brussels.- KPN Results.- Dutch telecommunications operator KPN publishes its results for the first quarter of 2023.


2:00 PM- New York.- Boeing Results.- American aircraft manufacturer Boeing releases its results for the first quarter of 2024.

2:00 PM- New York.- AT&T Results.- American telecommunications company AT&T releases results for the first quarter of 2024.

3:00 PM- Mexico City.- Mexico Inflation.- Mexico's National Institute of Statistics releases inflation for the first half of April after rising to 4.42% in March. (Text)

20:00h.- San José.- COSTA RICA PROTESTS.- Trade union and community groups in Costa Rica are protesting to protect Costa Rica's social security fund and against water supply in some communities. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

23:00h.- Washington.- FORD RESULTS.- Ford publishes its financial results for the first quarter of this year, during which it sold 508,083 vehicles in the United States, an increase of 6.8% over the same period in 2023. (text)

23:00h.- New York.- IBM Results.- American technology company IBM publishes results for the first quarter of 2024.

23:00h.- New York.- Meta Results.- American technology company Meta publishes results for the first quarter of 2024.

Sao Paulo.- NEOENERGIA RESULTS.- Electricity company Neoenergia, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Spanish group Iberdrola, comments on its results for the first quarter of 2024.

Sao Paulo.- VALE RESULTS.- Brazilian mining company Vale, one of the world's largest steel exporters and producers, presents results for the first quarter of 2024. (Text)

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).- Dominican Republic Tourism.- The Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE), the main tourism fair in the Caribbean, celebrates its 24th edition in Punta Cana (Eastern Dominican Republic).



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