20231024 Secretary General of Economy, Trade and Commerce visits NATEXPO International Exhibition for Organic Products


Víctor Píriz, Secretary General of Economy, Commerce and Trade, visited NATEXPO, one of the most prestigious and important international fairs for organic products, in which various companies from Extremadura participate. The Extremaduran export sector has seen progress in recent years, with exports increasing by 22.43 percent in the last year. An increase in the export base has been encouraged, reaching a total of 601 conventional export firms in the community. “We went with extremaduran merchants who move more than a billion euros in exports a year and try to internationalize their products in the agro-food sector, which has a high weight, a high market and a high number of customers.” Highlighted by Víctor Píriz. Participating in activities such as attending international fairs has been identified as the most valuable activity in the sector, promoting the increase in exports of Extremaduran companies. Together with Extremadura Avante, the Junta de Extremadura is represented through an institutional position and with the group participation of several organic production companies in Extremadura. These actions are co-financed with the FEDER Extremadura funds for the period 2021-2027, dedicated to the promotion of Extremadura products and promotional brands of Extremadura, in particular these actions promote the organic products of Extremadura, the Organics brand.

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