2024 Holidays in Peru: All holidays and non-working days according to the official calendar of the year | Answers

Peru has a list of important dates throughout the year, so the government has officially released a list holiday It is governed by legislation that allows workers in the public and private sectors to enjoy paid days off. Precisely because of the non-working dates that represent benefits for millions of people, the past 2023 has become the year that expanded the calendar of the current Republican Congress. Ephemeris Officers. Check them out below.

How many national holidays will officially be celebrated in Peru from 2024 and on which dates?

For 22 years, the Peruvian government has commissioned up to 12 holiday For the benefit of a large percentage of workers and public servants, but at the end of 2021, the Congress of the Republic began to take decisions affecting the calendar of holidays commemorated annually within the country.

Currently, the number of non-working days has been officially announced after a series of announcements on bills approved in Parliament. Article 6 of Ordinance no. 713, By approving 4 new anniversaries it has taken the total to 16.

In relation to keeping the amount holiday Noted and updated in view of the coming 2024, which begins with the traditional New Year, we share with you the exact dates you can enjoy as a worker in the public and private sector:

  • January 1
  • March 28 and 29
  • May 1
  • June 7 / June 29
  • July 23 / July 28 and 29
  • August 6 / August 30
  • October 8th
  • November 1
  • December 8 / December 9 / December 25

It is important to highlight that the 4 new national holidays announced by the Congress of the Republic and in some cases observed by the government, came into force between the end of 2021 and June 2023, and they can be fully enjoyed from 2024. .

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What are the 16 national holidays that will officially occur in 2024?

Due to legislative acts that seek to recognize and make visible events that are part of the country's history, such as the War of Arica, the list of anniversaries celebrated in Peru has been expanded until 2024 with days creating mandatory paid breaks. .

Thanks for the information given above and shared by the official newspaper We describe the reasons why each new holiday is added to the structured holidays calendar Article 6 of Ordinance no. 713:

  • Peruvian Air Force Day (July 23)

Early Friday morning, June 23, 2023, the Republican Congress approved legislation declaring this date to honor Captain FAP Jose Abelardo Quinones.

  • Battle of Arica and Flag Day (June 7)

The law was approved by declaring this date as a national holiday and insisting that it be published on June 15 In commemoration of two patriotic years

  • June's War (August 6)

On July 7, 2022, Congress ratified Declare August 6 as a national holiday in honor of this important event that allowed the consolidation of Peru's independence

  • Battle of Ayacucho (December 9)

Approved by the closing ceremony meeting on 9th December 2021 Republican Congress to commemorate this significant national event

Official list of public holidays in Peru for 2024

1- New Year

2/3- Thursday and Good Friday

4- Labor Day

5- Arica Battle and Flag Day

6- Saint Peter and Saint Paul

7- Peruvian Air Force Day

8/9- National holidays

10- Battle of June

11- Holy Rose of Lima

12- Battle of Angamos

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13- All Saints Day

14- Immaculate Conception Day

15- Battle of Ayacucho

16- Christmas

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