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Successful Spanish series “The Promise” It gets more interesting every day with new and exciting episodes that you can enjoy till La 1 this week. You should watch out for what’s coming from the production in the following days as important revelations are coming regarding its main characters JanLos Marquis of LuzonHis family and the workers of the palace, all during the episodes Monday 15 to Friday 19 May 2023, We will explain it in detail below.

After a few twists and turns, disputes and complications, there is still little to look forward to the arrival of the Baroness. Eliza de Grazalema A predicament for the life of our protagonists sinking Facing his next marriage will be another exciting moment, as well as new supernatural events that can give the plot an unexpected twist.

Want to know the progression of key facts of fiction? In the following lines, we tell you 5 things that will happen this week RTVE series created by Joseph Sister Rubio It has become one of the favorites of the drama-loving public.

What’s happening at “La Promesa” from now until Friday May 19?

1. Identity of Baron de Lujan’s heir

The baron’s daughters read his will and discovered that he had left his entire estate in the name of cash. Baroness Eliza de Grazalema, so they decide to find out who it is. Surprised CruiseTurns out to be an old match Alonso.

The Marchioness invites her to the mansion, but little by little she grows tired of her instincts about her husband. The truth is, it won’t be a comfortable situation for anyone, because Lorenzo The guest claims to have seduced the father-in-law to keep his money.

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Baroness Elisa de Grazalema’s visit to the television show “La Promise” (Photo: RTVE)

2. Petra reveals Pia’s secret

Petra Tells one of the biggest secrets of service sinking: She is still pregnant. Marquis confirms this information and surprises the staff. Gregorio Paternity of the child is claimed. In this situation, Maria Fernandez and Teresa They will be of great support to the expectant mother.

Gregorio defends Pia in the telenovela “La Promise” (Photo: RTVE).

3. Manuel suspects Jimena

On the other hand, Manual Continues in his struggle to unmask Jimina. Even as she arranges a love feast for him, the heir gathers evidence of the intrigue he suffered at the hands of his wife.

Their confrontations make the girl sick with hatred, while he discovers another lie of hers. However, despite everything, the Marquess’ son will fight for the reconciliation of their marriage.

Manuel and Ximena’s dinner in the Spanish soap opera “La Promesa” (Photo: RTVE)

4. The marriage of Pia and Gregorio

Pia and Gregorio They plan their wedding. The men told them that bearing children is the most honorable thing to do. The housekeeper thanks her partner for helping her, but doesn’t think it’s fair for her to take responsibility for a child that isn’t hers.

However, he admits that he is aware of the consequences of his decision and asks him to accept his proposal. In this way, the marriage bond of the couple is arranged.

5. Lope’s feelings for Maria Fernandez

lob He is having some serious moments in the palace. It doesn’t just act as an interlocutor in between Simona and CandelaBut he agrees Mauro A person in love Maria Fernandez.

So, his friend suggests him to be honest about his feelings and tell the whole truth to Virgo. Does the character listen to him? Let’s find out in the next stages of preparation.

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How to watch “La Promesa” series?

“the truth” It is broadcast in Spain by Signal 1 on RTVE. Its production schedule is Monday to Friday from 4:30 p.m.

Also, remember that you can enjoy the show through streaming. For this, you need to subscribe to the RTVE Play series platform. As a user of the Service, you can access additional information from TV series episodes, exclusive previews and fiction.

Lorenzo vs. Baroness Elisa de Grazalema in the telenovela “La Promise” (Photo: RTVE)

On which day did “La Promesa” start at 1 o’clock?

“La Promesa” is a series that airs Monday through Friday on RTVE’s La 1 and premiered last Thursday, January 12, in prime time.

Technical paper of “Promise”.

  • Issue: Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m.
  • Movement: Miguel Conte, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermudez, Alberto Bernet
  • Production: Ramon Campos, Teresa Fernandez-Valdez, Alberto Baez.
  • Department: Ana Garces, Eva Martin, Arturo Sancho, Joaquin Clement, Maria Castro, Antonio Velasquez, Andrea del Rio, Manuel Reguero, Carmen Acecas, Alicia Bergon, Paula Lozada, Carmen Flores, Teresa Quintero, Anquez Quintero,
  • Technical Team: Joseph Sister Rubio (Original Idea), Susana Brito (Screenplay), Ruth Garcia (Screenplay), Carmen Llano (Screenplay), Alex Conrado (Music), Gustavo Gala (Photography), Oscar Barrio (Photography), Johnny Madrilino (Editing), Tania Alvarez (Costume), Natalia Chez (Makeup and Hairstyling)
  • Gender: Drama

When will the end of the “promise” come?

The successful Spanish production is not over, according to an official statement from TVE, the series has been renewed for a second season, which will last until 2024 and will have 119 episodes to the delight of its viewers. We have a promise.

Will New Characters Enter “La Promesa”?

It is not confirmed, but the arrival of new characters to the successful production is expected for the following episodes, the plot will continue beyond 2023, and everything can happen in the plot.

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What is the “promise” about?

According to the official synopsis, the world in 1913 is on the brink of an abyss, but there are havens of peace isolated from conflict. The property is in the Los Petrochus Valley, as is La Promesa Palace Marquis of Luzon, one of the largest landowners in the country. On that day the palace wears a dress to celebrate the wedding of the heir. Thomas. After completing the invitation, the appearance of an airplane catches everyone’s attention. He directs it Manuel (Arturo Sancho)Son of the Marquess.

Suddenly, the device loses altitude until it crashes. Manual consumed by flames; But someone saves him: Jana (Ana Garces).

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