5 Things You Should Know About February 1st

The man who posted the video of his father's severed head has been arrested. Denver is approaching a breaking point due to the influx of immigrants. “They've got blood on their hands,” the senator tells CEOs of tech companies. Here's what you need to know to start tomorrow. First the truth.

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1. AMLO Denies Funding Drug Traffickers

Mexico's president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, rejected an investigation published by ProPublica this Wednesday that alleges he received money from drug trafficking for his presidential campaign in 2006. “There is no evidence, they are being rewarded as good journalists but they are vile slanderers,” he told a press conference. CNN did not independently verify the content of the post.

2. Denver is approaching breaking point due to the surge of immigrants

These are the images of a city overwhelmed by the influx of migrants: a preschooler sleeping under a bridge for a month, crowds lining up every night for food and shelter, the mayor pleading for help. When that city is Denver in the winter, when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, the problems become life-threatening.

3. US blames Islamic resistance for attack in Jordan

The White House said Wednesday that the United States believes a militant group known as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq is responsible for a drone strike in Jordan that killed three American service members. “We believe the attack in Jordan was planned, financed and facilitated by a group called the Islamic Resistance in Iraq,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said.

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4. Social media CEOs answer to the US Senate

A group of social media directors once again faced questions in Congress about the risks their products pose to young people. The CEOs of Meta, TikTok, Snap, Discord and X, formerly known as Twitter, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee amid some emotional moments at the hearing. Read some of the key findings of the inquiry here.

5. The horror of the severed head video

Police are investigating a gruesome murder after a Pennsylvania man posted a video on social media of what he claimed was his father's severed head and ranting about the Biden administration and the border crisis.

At coffee time

Why Riviera Nayarit may not be as popular as Los Cabos or Cancun, but it has it's back

Riviera Nayarit, a 320-kilometer stretch of coastline along the Pacific coast, has pioneered a different development model, integrated with a thriving luxury tourism industry.

The deadly fate of the children of cocaine queen Griselda Blanco

Family is important to Griselda Blanco. She became the “Godmother” by building an empire of illegal drug trafficking from Colombia to the United States.

Inter Miami vs. Al Nasr: When and how to watch live on TV and online

Al Nasser of Saudi Arabia, where Cristiano Ronaldo plays, and Inter Miami of America, Lionel Messi's club, will meet in a friendly match this Thursday. The game has created huge expectations. These are all details.

This is the first representative of Down syndrome in Spain

Mar Calceran became the first person with Down syndrome in Spain. He is part of the popular party and is also a member of parliament for the Community of Valencia. This is his story.

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Adele announces concerts in Europe for the first time since 2016

The singer revealed she will have a custom-made pop-up stadium in the southern German city, which she admitted was “a little weird” in an Instagram post.

Image of the day


The number of Ukrainian soldiers who were part of a prisoner exchange with Russia after the mysterious crash of a military plane. Moscow reported receiving 195 Russian military personnel.

Quote of the day

“We caused trouble and we understand that”

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said the company was responsible for an incident earlier this month in which a 737 Max 9's door plug flew off mid-flight, and said Boeing should have done better than it did in the matter.

And to finish…

NASA detects Japanese lunar lander

A NASA spacecraft has detected a space module sent to the Moon by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The Japanese module landed on the lunar surface on January 19 and five days later, NASA's robotic spacecraft was able to capture it by passing by at an altitude of approximately 80 kilometers.

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