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The National Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced the launch of 60,000 scholarships for civil servants, students of public administration and other professionals and general public to study MOOC e-learning courses at the National School of Public Administration (ENAP).

In May we have launched 3 MOOC courses and 1 MOOC program through which we hope to contribute to improving the work performance of our civil servants and public institutions across the country for the benefit of citizens.Director of ENAP, Rosario Certan Urdeco, said.

The MOOC courses include: “Management of Claims in Public Administration Organizations”, “Tools for Talent Management: Performance Management and Training Management” and; “Public Administration for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities from a Rights Perspective”.

Included in these courses are the MOOC program “Transportation Path to Civil Service Regime”, five MOOC courses and With certificate for 80 academic hours.

Until September

Those who are interested in learning, studying and strengthening their knowledge on important topics for public management and administration Until September 17 to participate in these coursesThese training slots are available 24 hours a day for self-study and ENAP virtual platform at a time of one’s choosing”, said ENAP director.

The officer recalled that the courses offered by the Sarveer National School of Public Administration Free and certified Registration is now open Following is the link.


Each MOOC course consists of an academic period according to the theme of public administration:

– The MOOC course “Claims Management in Public Administration Organizations” was developed in 24 academic hours.

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– The MOOC course “Tools for Talent Management: Performance Management and Training Management” consists of 16 academic hours.

– The MOOC course “Public Management for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities from a Rights Perspective” takes place in 40 academic hours.

– MOOC Program “Transportation Route for Civil Service Regime – Virtual Modality” was developed for 80 educational hours.

More information on the website enap.

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