Coreador Azul, Morado and Rojo Will Stop Running Tracks in Lima: When and Why

If conditions do not improve, a representative of the Purple Corridor announces that the service will be suspended. Chanel N

He Public transport Metropolitan Lima is experiencing one of its worst crises, and millions of users will be the most affected by this whole situation. Balance Informal groups On the same roads Complementary Corridors And the lack of agreement among authorities complicates the panorama. What’s to come isn’t very encouraging, though they agree that it’s not ruled out.

Despite the appointment of a new leader Transport Authority (ATU)José Aguilar, with representatives Purple runnerRed and blue, things are not working out and it seems more likely that they will shut down their service soon.

The leaders of the brokers are asking the Peruvian government to settle part of their debt for more than 370 million dollars. They would only have the intention of paying 60 million and not the 100 million they are demanding to keep the contract intact. Transportation service.

Representatives of the development of the transit service said that the filling corridors will cease to operate at the end of June. (Infobae mix)

Representatives of Runners Subsidiary funds have given state officials a kind of ultimatum, and do not expect to receive less than what they are demanding.

“The dates have not moved. We only have enough money to continue operating until June 30. The situation continues like this and we need it Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) And this Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) Additions can be managed and contracts can be self-sustaining,” said Gerardo Hermosa. Purple runnerA Canal N.

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“Government should subsidize user charges, we need that. He said MEF He says he’s going to do an evaluation, but that evaluation can’t take months without doing anything. The grant will be disbursed only this week, but we don’t want months to go by without evaluating it,” he said.

The Blue Corridor is one of the public transportation services that will cease its operation, harming thousands of Lima residents.

Hermosa also said there was a lack of supervision by police officers Further resist Informal transport. “There is almost no censorship in San Juan de Luricancho,” he said.

“The problem is, we’re stuck, a Exclusive route Only the bus, no one respects. There are forklifts, combination cars, informal custers that break our windows and glass and threaten us every day. Drivers. It is unfair competition. We cannot be on the road with them, we need authority to be respected,” he said.

He also said Purple runnerFrom 2017 to date, the “loss of 110 million soles” has been dragged out.

From May 1, buses of the purple route will not operate.

“In total, all the filling corridors are an accumulated loss of 377 million soles. This is not compensation, it is something that has already been spent on fuel, payment to drivers and insurance, it has not been canceled,” he said.

“If there are changes that could move the income needle up to June 30. We have nowhere else to get it,” he said.

withdrew amid controversy Maria Zara and targeted initiatives Systematize Los Shared taxis In the capital, the ATU’s new leader was determined to reject bus driver registration and legal initiatives that threatened transport reform.

José Aguilar Reátegui is the new president of the ATU | Latin Consolidation

Aguilar noted the activities promoted from Congress of the Republic and the Municipality of Lima (MML), especially coming from the mayor Rafael Lopez AliagaIt seeks to formalize the collective service and recognize its operation on the streets.

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“Inside Lima Y Callo “Combined taxi cannot be regularized as it will affect the integrated transport system,” he said.

He affirmed that his intention is not to harm the drivers who provide such service, but rather, they are the ones who have to fulfill their duties with compassion.

Collective taxis handle the control of ATU

According to Act no. 30900ATU “is an efficient organization for planning, regulating, managing, supervising, auditing and promoting efficient operation. Integrated transport system of Lima and GalloTo achieve an integrated network of high-quality, wide-coverage, technologically modern, environmentally clean, technologically efficient and economically sustainable mass urban land transport for passengers.

In addition, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, it exercises jurisdiction over the integrity of the territory and public land transportation service to the people provided within it. They are subjects Further Operators and drivers of transport services provided within the territory and providers of complementary services to them, especially operators Single collection system.

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