800 soles bonus in Peru: how to access the bonus, what to know about the amount and payment date | Answers

After the declaration of 800 soles bonus In Peru, the question arises as to who it is sent to, the citizens who are the beneficiaries of this economic aid and how to confirm the additional details of the Peruvian subsidy. Here we explain everything you need to know about this important bonus for the country’s tourism industry.

Who are the beneficiaries of the 800 Souls Bonus in Peru?

This bonus covers tourist guides, tourism graduates undertaking tourism guiding activities, mountain guides, trekking guides and artisans undertaking independent activities at the national level.

For this, the interested parties must keep the records valid from December 31, 2022 in the National Register of Mincetour Craftsman acting as Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism or Regional Government.

Likewise, to access this bonus, mentors should not be beneficiaries of other social programs and/or economic grants or registered as a dependent worker in the monthly payment form (PLAM).

What do you know about the 800 Souls Bonus in Peru?

There is no date yet for the deposit associated with this important economic bonus for workers in the tourism sector. However, a recent publication in El Peruano indicates that the rule will be valid until December 31, the end of this year.

This unique and extraordinary economic grant provided by the Peruvian government aims to support more than 26,000 professionals affected by the crisis created as a result of social conflicts and weather events. .

The 800 Souls bonus effort was authorized by Emergency Decree 029-2023and seeks to contribute to the economic reactivation of the tourism sector by providing financial relief to those facing difficulties in performing their work as guides and artisans.

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The move represents an investment of 32 million soles by the government, whose priority is to promote the recovery of one of the hardest-hit sectors.

What bonuses are offered in Peru?

The government announced that subsidies will continue to be provided to people in vulnerable demographic groups to face the rising cost of living and the impact of the El Nino phenomenon. Next, we’ll tell you the details about bonds that Tina Polwart commented on in her last message to the nation.

  • FertiApono 2: The President announced that the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Risk will help 166,000 agricultural producers with an economic figure exceeding 136 million, which will be allocated to workers who cultivate lands of up to 10 hectares. This move will sustain the growth of the next farming season. Similarly, 640 travel markets will be organized in 23 regions of the country.
  • Agroperu Fund: The scheme will provide credit to 16,000 small organized agricultural producers, announced in a message to the nation. The budget for the AgroPerú Fund will be 200 million ada.
  • Enduring Pune: As explained by the President of Peru, the program seeks to support 1,200 producers responsible for 10,000 hectares of high Andean ecosystems. With this assistance, crop and breeding adaptations will be made to improve their income based on value chains or practices to learn how to deal with weather-related events.
  • With Panche Peru: The scheme is designed to complement other social schemes such as Juntos, Pension 65 and Contico. It seeks to strengthen common pots, expand FISE vouchers and accelerate access to natural gas with a new strategy. The investment in this project is 12,000 million feet.
  • MYPERÚ Motivation: This project, which is related to the state program, aims to restore more than 200,000 mibs. Due to this, S/3,000 million loans will be financed. In addition, La República reported that in the fourth quarter of this year, an improved expansion of the Reactiva Peru project will be carried out.
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