Ana Redondo touts the “good state” of Spain's economy and the government's commitment

The Equality Minister, Ana Redondo, called for the “good state” of the Spanish economy and the government's commitment to it this Wednesday, ahead of International Workers' Day. “In recent years, Spain has created an important job. We are talking about the contribution of 21 million people in our country, of which more than nine million, almost ten, are women,” said Redondo before participating in the report media. May 1 demonstration in Valladolid. Therefore, he pointed out that the country's economy is “very good” because it is growing above the average of the European Union, which ranks second in GDP growth “practically more than others in the world”. 6 out of 10 jobs are created out of this. In this sense, Redondo highlights the government's “absolute commitment” to an economy that is “highly” functioning and “must be continuously improved.” Likewise, the Valladolid politician recalled the “really complicated” situation that the country's economy went through in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid disease, and pointed to the recovery of pre-pandemic indices. “I truly believe that we should recognize ourselves as a better country that has managed to get out of the hole with progressive policies,” he highlighted. Likewise, the minister has demonstrated the role Spanish workers have played in the process, from recognition as “those who have taken the country forward” alongside a government that has “lived up to it”. “We must be more determined to increase the minimum wage, reduce temporary employment, reduce uncertainty, give more women jobs, work in better conditions, and grow the economy of this great country. , at the moment, it is the European economy that is growing the most,” affirmed the woman from Valladolid. . Finally, he considered the “great outstanding issue” to be a democratic regeneration that “must break out of destructive opposition” and that “displaces all means and all power.”

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