A bachelorette party, tai chi and more at a big picnic against municipal restrictions in Miraflores

A group of residents of Miraflores petitioned the mayor during the mass tourism. Video: TV Peru

Couples, families, university groups, motherhood coaches and up to three friends gathered this Saturday for a bachelorette party. Miraflores Boardwalk to participate Mass tourism In opposition to the mayor’s administration Carlos Canales (Popular Renewal), which tightened restrictions on the use of public space in the district.

activist Cynthia Yamamoto It posted pictures of the event, which started around 5:00 p.m. Some residents came with placards to demand a “constitutional right” to use green spaces for recreational purposes.

next ParapurtoTemporarily closed by the mayor’s office in the middle of the call, a martial arts session was held in which dozens of participants protested the municipality’s decision to file an application and pay tribute while more than 15 members went on a picnic.

“Of course, public space should be respected, its use cannot be restricted or charged. It strikes us that the mayor cares so much about the parks, because if they take a shot, they will see that it is completely yellow, and they watered it today. We are protesting because the parks are poorly maintained. We are reporting,” said the neighbor TV Peru.

A group of people gather to do Tai Chi during mass tourism in Miraflores. Video: Twitter

In the paragliding area, a fence was erected for “maintenance and safety”, the commune arranged boards and some railings to define the work area, although there were no working municipal employees. Users of social networks reported that part of the artificial grass had been removed earlier Paragliding zone.

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He Mass tourism A few posts on Twitter and Facebook were circulated, which the legislator joined Suchel ParadesA week later, commune control staff intervened with a group of young people celebrating a birthday in a park after allegedly bringing alcohol.

“We understand this protest issue, but we are very firm in saying that we are public spaces Miraflores “They have always been public and everyone is welcome to use them in a respectful and orderly manner following the rules, which basically means not drinking alcoholic beverages, not coming with inflatables or speakers that might affect the larger infrastructure,” he said. Felipe OjedaDeputy Manager of Sports and Recreation of the Municipality.

The position is contradicted by some residents who point out that in previous attempts, they did not intervene and attended picnics or gatherings with some alcohol.

Indeed, Municipal Ordinance 480, in effect since 2017, prohibits the consumption of alcohol on public roads and inside parked vehicles, but there have been reports of arbitrary interference with those practicing meditation or yoga.

“What we are doing is regulation, we are going to register them. Parks are not sports academies, there are specific areas for that and we are going to create others”, the burgomaster said during the council session.

He noted that 60% of canals are maintainedGreen areas It represents a budget of almost two million soles for the municipality, therefore, in his view, it is the administration’s responsibility to protect the district’s investment and interests. Because of this series of actions, its actions have been characterized as arbitrary against the use of parks and green spaces, although for the mayor’s authority it was a “smear campaign” orchestrated by the opposition.

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canals To consolidate a store An ultra-conservative led by Lima’s mayor Rafael López Aliaga, a businessman dedicated to Opus Dei, celibate and recurring in his use of silicio, he claims to suppress his sexual desire by thinking of the Virgin Mary.

This politician is anti-feminist and Gender Approach, proposed in the past to send minor victims of sexual violence to a five-star hotel. It has been implemented Artificial beach in San Juan de Luricancho (SJL), a controversial project that opened its doors to the public two weeks ago after an investment of 145,000 soles.

Photo: Nellie Luna Amancio/Ojo Publico

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