A business that pays you S/ 2 thousand per month to study has started its registration: these are the requirements to apply

Calls are annual and 25 to 27 new students are admitted – Credit: Diplomatic Academy of Peru

On Wednesday, January 3, the registration process began to enter Diplomatic Academy of Peru (ADP), the only access path in Be diplomatic and representing the country abroad.

Among the benefits accessible to the student are a monthly financial allowance of two minimum salaries, viz. 2.050 solesDuring the course of two years.

Upon entry, you study four academic semesters over two years, and upon completion, you receive a Master in Diplomacy and International Relations and professional title Diplomat by profession.

The Diplomatic Academy of Peru is attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Credit to the Diplomatic Academy of Peru

According to Javier Pérez de Cuellar Diplomatic AcademyThese are the requirements required from all applicants:

  • Be Peruvian by birth and not over 30 years of age as of March 31 of the year of application.
  • Must have an academic degree and/or professional degree.
  • Master English at an intermediate level in speaking, writing and understanding.
  • Not rejected more than once in admission competition-
  • No judicial, criminal or police record

The first step to register for the 2024 process is to fill the form that appears on the website ATP. To enter you must enter via this LINK: https://www.adp.edu.pe/admision

To access the seven choices, you need to pay 600 soles into an account National Bankwith rate code N°4520, at its offices across the country.

Once the candidate registers, they have to go through the eliminable assessments. These are divided into two levels taught in Lima and the regions.

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Level 1 (National Level)

This area is carried out in Lima and in decentralized offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the regions of Arequipa, Dagna, Cuzco, Piura, Tampez, Cajamarca, Iquitos, Madre de Dios, Amazonas, Puno, Ucayali and Trujillo. . The level consists of two choices: Knowledge writing (Around 100 questions to be answered in three hours) and Written opinion test (Production of two articles).

The main headquarters of the Diplomatic Academy of Peru is located in Jesús María – Andina credit.

Level 2 (Lima only)

At this stage, which takes place only in the capital, the young man must:

  • English exam
  • Psychological testing
  • Psychological testing
  • medical examination
  • Oral Opinion Examination (Interview before Jurors)

For knowledge, perception and oral opinion assessments, the minimum passing grade is 11, while in psychotechnical, psychology, English and medical tests, the candidate is marked as suitable or not suitable.

Thanks to the extensive network of cooperation agreements the university has, the student can interact with national and foreign institutions. Diplomatic Academy of Peru.

These duties include conducting courses and/or internships in foreign institutions for students and diplomatic officers, organization of events, seminars and talks, preparation of publications and research projects.

Usually, the psychotechnical examination clears more than half of the applicants – credit to the Ministry of External Affairs

For example, there is an agreement with the EULAC Foundation, the American University, the Rio Franco Institute and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). You can reach the UNESCO Chair in “Diplomacy and Cultural Management”.

At the end of the first year, aspirants can undertake professional placements in the offices of the Ministry of External Affairs.

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The curriculum is supplemented with seminars on topics such as function of government, structure, diplomatic ethics, etc. Equality of men and womenContemporary culture, among others.

According to ADP Javier Pérez de CuellarSince 2016, a new system has been used which allows to develop soft skills and reinforce knowledge learning through greater participation in classes.

The Academy of Diplomacy It is located at 335 Faustino Sánchez Carrión Avenue, in the Lima district of Magdalena del Mar.

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